Your Kraken Gets Released Tomorrow

A week or so ago I sent it.

A note about how you can get your customers to release the Kraken inside their testimonials.

Well tomorrow is the day it can happen.

But before I say more, let me do a quick recap first.

Back in the early 80’s a movie came out called “Clash of the Titans” featuring a colossal beast known as the “Kraken” – a monster so fierce even the gods feared it.

The creature was under the control of the great god Zeus, who with the words “Release The Kraken” let it escape from it’s prison so it could lay waste to a city.

Today “Release the Kraken” has become a kind of catch phrase meaning to unleash something massive.

In your case it refers to getting customers to release the Kraken in their testimonials. Testimonials so powerful that when you unleash them upon prospects, they’ll find it hard to resist buying from your company.

The great secret about testimonials is – when done properly – they can do all the selling for you.

And right now we are releasing a Pilot Program to develop a course showing you how to do exactly that.

Now a pilot program is not a finished polished program – but one that is dirt cheap and requires feedback to improve it.

That’s where you come in.

You have the chance RIGHT NOW to be part of this pilot program and give your feedback to help make it even better.

As a reward for your participation, you get a ton of benefits for being part of this program – even if you cannot make it to the live session.

What are all the benefits you’ll be getting?

I’m glad you asked.

Just head over to this special page and see for yourself!

I hope to see you part of the pilot program!

Stephen Dusty Roberts