Your Friday Is Now FUBAR

Lets chat about results. 

The kind of results you should have achieved this week in your business.

Not sure what I mean?

Ok – let me put it like this. 

What one single aspect of your business did you work on improving this week?

  • Was it getting more customers to call your business everyday?
  • Was it shortening turnaround times on when clients gets back their rug?
  • Was it working on getting better, higher quality referral sources?
  • Was it getting current referral sources to send you more customers?

What exactly DID you do to make your business better this week?

Or were you so caught up on just doing the work you did nothing?

This is what this Friday FUBAR is all about (If you don’t know what FUBAR means – google it). 

It’s a kind of reflection back over the week to see if we actually accomplished one little goal that improves our business or if we totally FUBAR’ed it.

The thing is the goal didn’t have to be huge. 

In fact, as I’ve said many times before, small goals are what create the biggest results.

Not only that, small goals are easier to achieve.

Easier to track.

And easier to measure the results with.

Let me give you an example.

A while back I wanted to know how to make Facebook work for my business.

So I first set my self a goal of figuring out how others got such large amounts of facebook likes.

I spent a week talking to businesses and found one that taught me how to do it.

Goal achieved!

My next goal was to adapt what I learned and put it to work in my business.

The way to measure if what I was doing had any effect was easy – the likes for my fan-page would build up.

So I implemented my strategy and the likes began building like crazy.

I would even go so far as saying it went “viral” (I went from 300 likes to over 100,000 in a few months – 10 times what I thought I could get – so now whenever I put up a post – business comes in).

Goal achieved!

Did doing any of that take up much of my time? 

Not really – there are a lot of idle moments during a business day that I was able to work on it. In fact it wasn’t even that hard to dedicate 1 uninterrupted hour each day working on the goal.

There are people I know who waste more than an hour everyday on Facebook posting all kinds of crap and then complaining how bad business is.

When they could have been using that time turning Facebook into it’s “Bee-ach” and BRINGING them business instead.

It all comes down to one thing. 


You either make it priority to achieve small incremental goals that improve your business – or you don’t.

It’s NOT the amount of time you spend on the goal – it’s the fact you dedicate at least some of your time everyday achieving your goal.

I hate to say it but there are a lot of owners of rug cleaning shops who really are not cut out to own a “real” business.

They don’t have the will or the discipline to do what it takes to build the business.

They prefer doing the work. That would be great if business would just walk through the door because word of mouth.

In my experience that only works when you have a booming economy. When things get competitive, real business owners who know how to play the game thrive while all the wannabe’s have to fold up shop and work for them instead.


Today is Friday. 

You have the whole weekend to think about one little goal you would like to work on all next week.

Remember – it not supposed to be a big goal – it SHOULD BE A SMALL ONE.

Like figuring out how to get customers to spend more.

Or how to turn more price shoppers into customers.

Just one small thing. 

Something you can work on all the time until you figure it out and then have it be part of your business from then on.

It’s simple and easy to do.

All it takes is a decision on what your one small goal should be and then making it a priority.

Then measure the results.

And believe me.

Once you begin to use this new mindset not only will the success of your business change forever.


Stephen Dusty Roberts 

P.S. Some of the easiest things you can use as your first goals are found here