Why people line up to do business with him and no one else

“If you’re waiting for someone to make the world just right for you so you can succeed, you’re on the road to nowhere”

Joe Girard

You’ve probably heard of him.

He was in the Guiness book of world records as the world’s greatest car salesman.

His name? Joe Girard.

According to Joe, selling cars is one of the toughest businesses in the world and if you can sell cars you can sell anything.

So how many cars did Joe sell?

Well ninety-four percent of all automobile dealerships, fully staffed, only sell 175 a year.

Joe was selling between 130 to 140 EVERY month.

How he got started is quite a story.

In 1962 Girard had a business go bankrupt on him.

Shortly afterwards he received a foreclosure notice for his house. He also had no car, no groceries, no money and a wife with two children to support.

In January 1963 he got on a bus and when the doors opened he stepped out in front of a car dealership.

Figuring, “What the hell?” he talked to the manager and begged for a job.

Once he got it he spent the rest of the day calling everyone he knew. Then at 8:30pm a customer walked in the door and since the only other salesman was busy, Girard spent 90 minutes with him and sold him his first car.

The next day he borrowed $10 from his boss to get groceries… …and by the second month he had sold 18 cars.

The other salesman began complaining about him so the boss ended up firing him.

Girard then went to work for Merollis Chevrolet in Detroit and set sales records year after year.

What was one of the biggest secrets to his success?

Girard told his customers to come back to him directly if they ever had a problem with their cars.

He also treated the dealership’s mechanics to a big dinner at an Italian restaurant on the third Wednesday of every month. The mechanics loved him so much they’d drop other jobs and assign three people to one of his customers.

And if a customers car was out of warranty he’d pay for any low-priced parts himself out of his own pocket.

Girard also paid a lot in so-called bird-dog fees to people who would refer customers to him. He liked to wine and dine supervisors at big companies who knew hundreds of people to send his way.

Then after Christmas in 1977 Girard quit selling cars after selling 13,001 Chevrolets in just 15 years.

The big lesson you should take away from Girard’s story?

If you want your business to be successful then your business cannot be like everyone else’s.

If Girard did things the way all the other car salespeople did he would only sell 2-4 cars a month instead of 130-140 he actually did.

And if I did everything like my competitors I’d be stuck charging on average $1-$3 a sq ft instead of the the $10-20 I do now.

I’ve learned a lot from Joe Girard example.

And everything I’ve learned that made me become the

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Stephen “Dusty” Roberts

P.S. You know what really surprised me most about Girard? He said he was only one of 42 sales people on the showroom floor. Yet as far as I know, none of his colleagues ever took the time to ask Girard how he was able to sell so many cars. I mean here was a guy they could see sell more cars in a month than they could sell in 5 years and no one asked how he was able to do it? Wouldn’t getting that knowledge change their lives? And when it comes to your business, are you not the least bit curious how I am able to do what I do?