Volkswagen’s reputation is toast – your company could be next

Volkswagen is proof.

Proof that a single incident can kill your reputation and reverse your fortunes almost over night.

The once mighty VW brand has, in less than a year, plummeted to become the company with the worst reputation in America.

Worse than that genetic manipulating, small family farm suing, food monopolising chemical corp known as Monsanto.

Worse than Haliburton which made huge profits off the Iraqi war, was found directly responsible for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, had to pay out more than $2 billion in penalties for legal misconduct plus an additional $1.1 billion in a settlement to Gulf coast residents and businesses.

This is all according to the Harris Poll Reputation Quotient which measures public opinion of the nation’s most recognizable companies.

What exactly happened to VW?

Well for years clean diesel was presented as an alternative to hybrid engines and promoted as a major reason for consumers to buy cars with VW’s TDI engines.

The EPA discovered that VW deliberately designed their cars to evade their emissions test. Then with all the news and social media coverage – people lost complete trust in the company.

As a result VW car sales in America have crashed (much like their reputation which suffered the biggest drop ever by a major company)

What does VW’s reputation have to do with you?

It stands as warning.

A warning that in our social media mad society you CANNOT get away with anything that makes a customer feel like they’ve been treated badly or ripped off.

VW has the time, resources and many other countries to sell in to weather this storm and make a come back.

Your small business does not.

So you need to make sure you get everything right the first time.

Especially when it comes to cleaning their rugs.

That’s why in my studio I always make sure the first thing we do to rugs is dust them. In my shop we now use a two-step system – the RugBadger followed by the AirBadger (especially on shag rugs) to get all of the dry dirt out.

Which makes the whole washing stage of our cleaning process a whole lot faster and easier.

Not to mention how it completely removes the fear of dust billowing out the ends of a rug if it’s dropped in front of a customer.

Be sure to get your RugBadger/Airbadger Dusting package today before our prices go back up.

Stephen Dusty Roberts