Tired Of Doing Referrals The Old Way? Read This…

On April 3, 1981 a revolution began.

A tiny start-up company called Osborne Computer Company launched something incredible.

You see up until that time, computers were so large you couldn’t really move them. So the thought of them being portable was nearly inconceivable.

But then the Osborne company changed all that with the release of their Osborne 1 computer.

It was the size of a sewing machine.

It weighed 24lbs.

It had a handle so you could carry it around.

It was a fully functioning, easy to use computer that sold for $1795 (roughly $5,000.00 in today’s dollars).

At first the company did well.

In June of 1981 the first units shipped out and by February of 1982, sales had reached $100 million.

However it wasn’t too long after that Apple and Compaq introduced their more powerful (and smaller) computers to the market.

So Osborne did what any company would do when facing competition with superior products. They prepared to release a new and improved model a few months later.

But then they made a horrible, unintentional, suicidal mistake.

As soon as they announced to the public to expect their new computer later that year…

…that’s when the “shyt” hit the fan.

People stopped buying the Osborne 1 altogether.

They wanted to wait and buy the new and improved version instead.

Which meant the cashflow the Osborne company needed to run their business completely dried up.

Layoffs began the next month, followed by other crippling problems. After limping and wheezing along for a few more years, the company finally gave up the ghost in 1985.

The entire incident became known as “The Osborn Effect”.

That’s when a company announces a new product before it’s ready to be released and it totally kills the sales of their current product (and usually the company too).

Now as an area rug cleaner the chances of you making an “Osborn effect” type mistake is zero.

But the chance of making a mistake with referral sources is high.

Especially if you’re looking to live in the rich, lucrative land of Persian rug dealer referrals.

Unless you have a prior relationship with them, getting a Persian rug dealer to be a referral source is damn tricky.

The path to getting them to trust you is narrow.

And if you move off the path you’re likely to step on a landmine and destroy any chances of cultivating this highly lucrative referral source.

How do I know?

Because I made all those mistakes.

I’ve gone in with all my certifications, my experience and my confidence…

…and got kicked out with my tail between my legs.

Now here’s the thing.

As far as I’m concerned, there is no such thing as failure only feedback. If my “tried and true” approach to getting referral sources didn’t work with fine rug dealers I just had to find another way.

I HAD to find a way because fine Persian rug dealers are simply too RICH of a referral source to give up.

All their customers (who pay thousands for a rug) usually call them up to ask who they can trust to clean their rugs.

And I wanted to be the one they sent their customers to.

Did I finally figure out how to get Rug Dealers of fine Persian and Oriental rugs to recommend me?

Yes I did (and soon so will you).

In fact, I even figured out how to “lock up” nearly all the fine rug dealers in my city so they only recommend me.

My competition can’t even get a foot in the door because they only ever use the techniques that got me kicked out in the first place.

So why am I telling you all this?

Simple. I have a valuable report I want to give you for free.

It’s called “How to get Persian Rug Dealers To Recommend You To All Their Clients”.

It has a TRUE value of $27 (I sell it on my RugBadger.com website for that price).

But like I said you get it for free.

All you have to do is visit my newly revamped imaruglover.com website.

As soon as you get there, click yes on the special message you see pop up. Click the link below and see what I mean!


Stephen “Dusty” Roberts

P.S. So what exactly will you find in this Persian Rug Dealer Referral report? Here are a few highlights…

  • The right way approach a Persian Rug Dealer and what never, ever to do!
  • What Principle #16 is and how it can skyrocket your profits
  • How to stand out in the mind of any rug dealer
  • What Persian Rug Dealers want more than anything and how YOU can be the one to give it to them
  • The secret behind how to get Persian Rug Dealers to think it was their idea to give you referrals