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How You Can Turn The Dreaded "Price Shoppers"
Into High Value Clients In 3 Minutes Or Less
The RedPrint
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Discover the secret to closing over 80% of the prospects who call you
on the phone and getting a bigger chunk of your market at the same time.

Close More Sales
Convert 8 out of 10 price shoppers into loyal cheerleader clients.

Increase Marketshare
Increase your marketshare automatically without having to do any advertising

Make More Money
Make the price of cleaning irrelevant to your client so you can charge more.

Get More Referrals
Watch your loyal clients refer you as the Go-To fine rug care specialist
So You Can Quickly...
  • Put more profits to your bottom line
  • Grow your business even faster
  • Afford new equipment without any loans
  • Increase the value of your company
  • Spend more time with your family
  • Enjoy living life rather than working
Experience A Huge Spike In Conversions
"This is the most powerful marketing asset a rug cleaning company will ever own.
It does all the hard work of converting prospects into customers for you automatically."

Look, lets face it.

The hardest thing for any company to do is to convert prospects into clients.

You can do all the advertising you want but if you can't convert prospects into customers then it's a total waste of time and money.

In our industry any marketing you do to bring in new clients only ever does one thing.

Make your phone ring.

Which is actually a huge problem for most businesses.

Because they have no reliable system to consistently convert price shoppers into paying customers.

Odds are you don't have a system either.

Which means every time you don't close on a prospect on the phone you're handing money over to your competition.

90% of all new clients you'll ever get will contact you first by phone.

This makes your phone the MOST CRUCIAL contact point in your entire business.

In this industry, rug owners usually call around to 3 or 4 places to get a price before they commit to choosing someone.

So that means the more people you can convert over the phone right then and there, the more money you're going to make.

But There's A Problem

Most business owners fool themselves by thinking they are great on the phone.

But the research I've conducted with hundreds of rug cleaners all over the world proves this to be false.

I've discovered they all make the same mistakes.

Mistakes that push clients away. Mistakes that don't address the single most important question a prospect will NEVER ask but desperately want you to answer.

Mistakes that make rug cleaning companies talk about themselves in a vain attempt to convince prospects how good they are.

The only reason companies like this make any sales is because their competition makes the same mistakes they do.

This forces the prospect to choose based on price, or convenience or some other factor and not because of some great sales job.

But what if you had a proven system that could...

  • make prospects trust you almost immediately?
  • close 80% of the prospects who call by phone?
  • Make the topic of price completely irrelevant to the prospect?

What would that do to your bottom line?

The System You're Looking For Is...

The RedPrint

What is the RedPrint?

The RedPrint is by far the most important marketing asset your company can ever own.

It is NOT a phone script.

It's a proven system designed specifically for fine rug specialists to turn the dreaded "price shopper" into high value clients in 3 min or less.

With the RedPrint you will be able to...

  • Close more sales on the phone and in person
  • Get prospects to trust you almost immediately
  • Make the topic of price completely irrelevant
  • Answer the burning question prospects will NEVER ask but need you to answer
  • Get prospects to reveal the one thing that will automatically close the sale for you
  • Have your prices higher than your competiton
  • Make you profit from all your competitors advertising
The RedPrint
Got A Coupon?
Click on the Add To Cart button, you will be taken to the checkout page. Then click on the words: "Have a coupon?" and enter your coupon code.
What You Get With

The RedPrint System

  • Detailed information on how and why the RedPrint System was developed
  • A full overview of how the system works
  • A powerful 3 min exercise to reveal the biggest weakness of every competitor you have
  • How to use your competitors weakness to your advantage
  • The one thing price shoppers want more than anything else and how to give it to them (and no, it’s NOT the lowest price).
  • How to get prospects to trust you almost immediately
  • A secret phrase you can use to lower a prospects defenses and have them reveal why they really called you.
The RedPrint
Got A Coupon?
Click on the Add To Cart button, you will be taken to the checkout page.
Then click on the words: "Have a coupon?" and enter your coupon code.
Meet Your Instructors

Stephen “Dusty” Roberts

Stephen “Dusty” Roberts grew up in the in-home carpet cleaning business and saw the opportunity to specialize in oriental rug care back in the mid 90’s.

It took a long time for Dusty’s rug care business to take off. It didn’t get any traction until the day he finally understood what rug owners really wanted and how to give it to them. Over the next few years Dusty developed unique marketing strategies based on his new understanding and which rocketed him to dominate the area rug market in his town.

Those strategies have since been refined down to five core elements that create the foundation of a successful area rug cleaning business with the RedPrint System being the main element.

With greater demand for his rug cleaning services, Dusty could not find any specialized rug care equipment to help him keep up with all the rugs he was getting.

So he seized the opportunity to develop and manufacture the world famous RugBadger Brand of rug care equipment. Dusty is a highly sought after coach and consultant on creating profitable rug care business. He also hosts the weekly RugLovers College program all while running the #1 area rug cleaning operation in his city.

Barry O’Connell

Barry O’Connell is the world’s most popular rug authority. He combines his writing with lecturing, consulting and the appraisals of rugs. This Senior Fellow of the Academy of Oriental Rugs has a remarkable and rich history in the rug industry which includes being an editor of two major rug publications.

As well as being a contributing writer to the Encyclopedia of Modern Asia and lecturing on textiles since 2005, Barry also publishes two influential websites (spongobongo.com & PersianCarpetGuide.com) and co-hosts the weekly RugLovers College program with Stephen “Dusty” Roberts.