The Story of Three Frogs . . .(and why you’re drowning)

Thanks for requesting a copy of the interview on selling your business.

You shown yourselves to be an action takers….and action takers are the ones I love helping because you don’t waste time and you know how to get stuff done.

Speaking of taking action, let me tell you about three frogs on a log.


A riddle.

There were 3 frogs sitting on a log, and 1 frog decided to jump off the log.

How many frogs were left on the log?





Just because the frog decided to jump doesn’t mean he actually it did it.

There’s a big difference between decision and action.

I see it every day.

People call me up all the time asking nearly the same thing, “How can I get more rugs in to clean?”

But do you want to know what the real question is I hear them asking?

It’s “What is the secret formula that will bring me an endless stream of new customers without me having to do anything?”

The answer I have is NOT what they want to hear.

There is no actual secret formula to bring in endless customers.

If there was a secret formula it would be called “relationships”.

You see business is not about just providing the product or the service.

It’s about building relationships.

And building relationships with your customers requires you to take action.

It requires effort on your part to actually do something to engage people so they WANT to do business with you.

The idea of putting little to no effort in marketing your business and getting tons of customers is a myth.

The internet is filled with “push button” solutions promising to get you tons of new customers, Facebook likes, or whatever.

I have yet to see any of them actually work.

No, the secret in making your business work is taking action and building real relationships with your customers.

Think of it this way.

Imagine you met someone you really liked.

If you wanted them to be with you more, wouldn’t you find all kinds of ways to make that a reality?

But what would happen if you made no effort whatsoever to contact them again?

The world of personal relationships and your company’s relationship with it’s customers are not all that different.

To build a long lasting relationship with a friend or a customer requires action.

If you’ve never contacted your customer again after they bought from you 1 time, why should you expect them to be loyal to you?

What have you done to earn that loyalty?

If you believe that your product or service is reason enough for them to come back you’re living in La La Land.

There’s always another company who can do the same or better than you.

Not only that, if providing a great product or service is the only place you compete then you’ve turned yourself into a commodity.

And believe me, being a commodity is like getting the kiss of death.

If not death, then at least the kiss of eternal struggle and worry.

Action is the key.

Doing things that are extraordinary, connecting with people, making yourself remarkable, those are things that get you noticed.

Those are the things that get you customers.

For example.

Right now I have ripped a page out the playbook of a successful local furniture retailer who our city just loves.

He has inspired me to also work with charities.

As a result I have gotten lots of free press and the attention of my target market.

My target market by the way are the affluent who own beautiful and expensive area rugs and don’t care about the cost to clean and repair them.

These are the people who made a lot of money in their life and are finding ways to give back to the community that have supported them.

So they work with worthwhile causes by donating money and/or their time as board members of a charities.

And believe me they take NOTICE of any company that reflects the same values they do.

None of my competition do this.

It’s one of the ways I stand out in the community.

It’s one of the reasons why I get all the affluent people (because they tell all their affluent friends)

It’s why I get calls everyday from people thanking me for what I am doing.

And why I stay so busy while others struggle.

None of this would have happened if I didn’t take action.

So if you’re not happy about your business – take action!

If you’re not making all the money you want – take action!

If you want to make an impact in this world – take action!

Don’t just decide to do something – that’s what your competition does and look where they are.

Instead, get off your lazy butt and take action!

And if you need ideas on what action to take then the RugLovers College is your first stop. Once you’re a member, you’ll not only get step-by-step instructions on dozens and dozens of ways to take action…

…but you also get direct access to me and Barry to help if you get stuck or need answers.

So take action and join the RugLovers College today…

Stephen Dusty Roberts