The Secret To Motivating Clients To Come Back Over & Over Again

“When you serve the customer better,
there’s always a return on your investment.”

Kara Parlin

So what exactly is the secret to having your clients come back over and over again?

It’s actually something simple.

Something that won’t cost you a dime yet will reward you endlessly if you choose to do it.

Something that can transform your entire company into greatness if you would only encourage it.

Something so powerful it would take a true story to explain the profound effect it will have on your company.

A true story about a bagger.

A few years back a supermarket chain hired a woman named Barbara Glanz. She was on board to lead a customer service program to help build loyalty.

During her speech she said, “Everone of you can make a difference for you customers that will motivate them to come back.”


By putting your personal signature on the job.

Think about something you can do for your customer to make them feel special – a memory that will make them come back.”

About a month later Glanz got a phone call. It was from a 19 year old grocery bagger named Johnny. He proudly let her know that he had Down Syndrome and then told her his story.

He said he loved what Glanz said at her speech. But at first he couldn’t think of anything special he could do for the customers. “After all,” he said, “I’m just a bagger.”

But then he had an idea.

Every night after work he would come home and either find a thought of a day or make one up. When he had a “good thought” his dad would help him put it on the computer and print out multiple copies.

Johnny would cut out each quote and bring them to work the next day. After he finished bagging his customer’s groceries he would say,”Thanks for shopping with us!” and put his thought into their bag.

A month later the store manager where Johnny worked called Glanz.

He said he couldn’t believe what was going on in his store.

The checkout line where Johnny worked was three times longer than anyone elses. He tried to get the customers to move to the other lanes he opened up but people refused to go.

They would say to him, “No we want be in Johnny’s lane. We want his thought for the day.”

The manager went on to say how he got a lump in his throat when one woman told him how she used to shop his store only once a week. But now she stops in everytime she passes by just to get Johnny’s thought for the day.

A few months later the store manager phoned Glanz again.

This time he told her how Johnny transformed his store. For example, when the floral department have a broken flower they find an elderly woman or little girl to pin it on.

The manager also said eveyone is having fun creating memories.

All their customers are talking about them, coming back and bringing friends. And it’s all because Johnny decided to make a difference.

It wasn’t innovative as much as it was caring. It came from his heart and that’s what touched his customers. So if you want to have your customers keep coming back, always remember this: Great Service Comes From The Heart.

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Stephen “Dusty” Roberts