The Secret “P” Word Behind My Success

Thanks to Mark for sharing his success story after using the RedPrint.

He says, “I never realized just how much I was – as you said – talking to my customer’s wallet instead of their hearts.

Using the Redprint made me finally realize getting people to become customers has nothing at all to do with price. KaBoom!! (my mind blown).”


Now this may not be mind blowing but the following story IS powerful.

Remember Harry Winston Jewelers?

They are known internationally as one of the best, most high priced, top scale jewelers in the world that got started in New York City.

Harry Winston is no longer with us but one day many years ago when he was in the New York store, he got a call from an Arab sheikh.

The sheikh said to him “Mr. Winston, I’m a gem collector. Do you have this type of diamond?”

Winston says “Oh yes. It’s in the millions but I have it.”

The sheikh replies “I’ll be in touch with you. I’m going to come in next week.”

So the next week the sheikh took his private jet, landed in LaGuardia and Winston had his top salesman meet him at the airport and bring him back to the store.

The sheikh was led to the store’s VIP room where Winston’s the top salesman spent time showing him this gorgeous diamond.

Then after an hour as the sheikh was just about to walk out of the store without the diamond, Winston said “Oh, excuse me sir. Could I have a moment with you?”

They went back in the VIP room and 15 minutes later Harry Winston had a check for $4,000,000.

As the sheikh was just about to go back to the airport he turned and said “Mr. Winston, can I ask you something personal?”


The sheikh continued “The man that met me and spent an hour selling the diamond is a good salesman.”

Winston agreed. “He’s the best one in the industry. He’s the top person in New York. That’s why I hired him. That’s why I pay him so much money.”

The sheikh then asked, “Well, Mr. Winston, if he’s so good, how come he spent an hour and couldn’t sell me the diamond but you could only after 15 minutes?”

Winston looked at him and said, “Oh, that’s my trade secret. You see, he knows diamonds but I LOVE diamonds.”

Powerful, right?

Whether you sell diamonds or shoes or rug care one thing remains true.

Those who have a passion for what they do will always outperform those who just do it for money.

You can’t fake passion.

It comes out in the way talk, the facial expressions you have and the energy people can feel from you.

And when you mix your passion with everything I reveal in the RugLovers College you will become unstoppable.

It’s why I dominate the entire rug cleaning market not just in my city but also all the other cities and towns on Vanvouver Island where I am based.

It’s why you will dominate your area too.

Imagine what your business will be like after discovering things like…

  • The single most profitable piece of equipment most rug cleaners have no clue how to use properly (and as a result cause thousands of dollars per month in lost sales)
  • The major flaw most rug cleaners run into when dealing with price objections and the “almost magical” way to easily over come them
  • How a simple storytellers “trick” can double or even triple the amount a customer is willing to spend on cleaning or restoring their rug
  • A simple strategy that makes it easy to discover the PROFITBLE clues your customers are silently begging for you to find
  • Why the “pricing trap” fools so many rug cleaning business owners like you into getting paid 5 to 10 times LESS than you should (and how never to be causght in it again)
  • The little known strategy you can use right now to eliminate price as an issue in the customer’s mind and have them happy to pay double or even triple what you are charging now – even in the most price sensitive markets.

That’s just the tip of the iceburg.

There are 90+ more secrets waiting for you right now to pick and choose from and put into action.

And every month we add 2 to 4 more making this the biggest video database of sales secrets specifically designed for the area rug care industry.

Secrets I personally use to be the #1 rug care company in my market area.

Now it’s your turn…

Stephen “Dusty” Roberts

P.S.Remember your company is only as good as the tools you use. Be sure you have the best tools available to make your rug cleaning superior over your competitors