The REAL enemy looking to end your business

It’s motivational Monday again.

And I want to talk about something you might find uncomfortable.

The reason your company has not become more successful is because of one thing.

The reason you can not take 2-month vacations every year.

Or contribute more time and money to a major cause you believe in.

Or be able to pursue a life passion of yours.

Is because you’re too comfortable.

Yes, that’s right…





You’re making enough money to pay the bills.

You’ve got a relatively nice house.

You’ve got food in the fridge.

You can go out for entertainment when you want.

Your kids are in nice schools.

You may even a have few toys like a boat or a camper.

With all this comfort you have no longer have a burning desire to move forward.

No need to improve your situation.

It’s the REAL reason why you are stuck where you are.

Why you cannot seem to reach the next level.

Why you find yourself procrastinating and not doing what you know you should do.

Comfort is, in fact, insidious.

It lulls you into thinking things are good and will always be good.

It lulls you into feeling that it’s ok to stay where you are, doing what you are doing, accepting what you already have.

Don’t believe it.

You see, while comfort sweetly sings into your ears so you close your eyes it quietly steals away all that you have.

While comfort holds you in it’s warm gentle embrace, it slowly crushes the life out of you.

Here’s the thing to remember about comfort – in reality, it is stagnation.

And in nature all things that become stagnant eventually die.

Stagnation is why big established companies become irrelevant and die at the hands of young up and comers.

  • Netflix took out Blockbuster.
  • Google made Yahoo and every other search engine irrelevant.
  • Seiko devastated the entire Swiss watch industry that once held 80% of the world market.
  • Uber is set to entirely disrupt the taxi industry.
  • Amazon bankrupted brick and mortar bookstores like Borders.

The lesson is clear.

Coasting along enjoying the comfort for too long will end you.

But it does not have to be that way.


Sometimes all you need is a wake up call. Take 4 minutes right now and watch this to see what I mean (it’s all new)…

Stephen Dusty Roberts 

P.S. Then when you see that you can do more, be more and have more, here is your next step…