The Iron Curtain’s Most Diabolical & Addictive Export To The West

Can you believe it all started over 30 years ago?

This maddeningly addictive game was first unleashed behind the Iron curtain in June 1984.

It didn’t take long before the game found it way out of the Soviet Union and onto dozens of different platforms.

But it didn’t really take off and enter into entire generation’s psyche until it was included in the launch of Nintendo’s Game boy.

Of course I’m talking about the game Tetris.

Tetris was one of the five game cartridges that Nintendo chose to include in the box with the first run of Game Boys.

It became the best selling game on the system: more than 30 million cartridges.

More importantly, the combination of Tetris and Game Boy helped define the kind of mobile gaming that’s still so popular today.

And that’s the kind of combination your company should be striving for in rug cleaning.

The kind of combination where your company is the one that defines for an entire city what a rug cleaning experience is all about.


  • when people think of getting their rugs cleaned they think of you
  • you are the “Go-to” company for rug cleaning
  • people automatically recommend you
  • your company name becomes synonymous with area rug care

But you can’t get there if you don’t have the right tools.

Basic tools like the ones that remove dirt out of rugs before your clean them.

Tools like a RugBadger.

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Stephen Dusty Roberts