The Insidious Habit That Will Cripple Your Business

TOMORROW...That mystical land where 99% of
all your productivity, motivation and achievement
is stored


It's one of most insidious habits you could ever unleash upon your business.

What is it exactly?

Well, let me explain by telling you a story about Johnny.

Johnny was a guy from New Jersey who dropped out of college.

He got himself a job as a salesperson and was actually pretty good at it. Every day at lunch he left his office and went to the exact same diner where he sat in the exact same seat and ordered the exact same meal.

Now you might be thinking, "Well, he must have really liked the diner."

No, no, no... it wasn't the diner he liked so much, it was the waitress. Every day he gave her a really good tip, but because he was so taken by her he got tongue tied and could hardly say two words to her.

On one particular day, he left the diner after lunch muttering quietly under his breath.

He was really disgusted with himself because this was supposed to be THE day he was going to ask the waitress out. Other than managing to order his lunch, he just wasn't able to get his mouth to say anything.

So he said to himself, "Okay. I have GOT to figure this out. The reason I can't talk to her is because I don't feel like I'm good enough for her. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to go back to school. I'm going to get my degree. I'm going to go to the gym. I'm going to lose weight. I'm going to get in better shape. I'm going to make more money at work. Then a year from today, I'm going to come back and ask her out for a date. I'm not going to show up for a whole year, but every single day, I'm going to write her an old-fashioned snail-mail letter, and the mailman will deliver it."

He stuck to his word.

The next day he joined a gym. He went down to the school, signed up for courses. He started doing better at work. As the months went by, things started working out, and every single day the mailman delivered his letter.

Now a year passed.

Of course, he wrote to her every single day but she never, ever wrote him back.

He said to himself, "Well, I'm going to come in next Friday. I'm going to ask you out. After a year I look totally different. I have a better car, and I dress better, and I got my degree. Everything's going great, and I want to go on a date with you."

That Friday he came into the diner, and when she saw him, she ran over and threw her arms around him, and he said, "Wow, that's a good sign."

Then he sat down in his old seat, and he ordered the same old meal.

He said, "Well, you know why I'm here. Will you go on a date this weekend?"

She said, "I'd love to, but I can't."

He said, "Why not?"

She says, "Well, I just got engaged."

He said, "Who did you get engaged to?," and she said, "The mailman."

The point you need to remember is this..while Johnny was getting ready, the mailman was taking care of business.

Never put things off because if you do you run the risk of losing your dreams, your opportunities, your happiness.

In business, procrastination can be your worst enemy.

It's an insidious habit that lulls you into thinking you can always do it tomorrow but in reality will rob you of everything.

So if you've been looking for ways to get more business and cram thousands of more dollars into your bank account then you can do one of two things.

You can join the RugLovers College today where I show you exactly how to do that.


You can be like Johnny and put it off and risk losing the opportunity to live the life you always dreamed about.

So what will it be?

Stephen Dusty Roberts

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