The “Hot Dog Seller” Secret

Imagine you’re a hot dog vendor at a baseball game.

You’re watching the Yankees play in a stadium with about 40,000 people being entertained.

So you’re going up and down the stairs yelling, “Hot dogs! Hot dogs! Get your Hot dogs!”.

At the same time, there’s a line of people outside the stadium waiting to buy a ticket to come in.

Now the people outside the stadium in line to get their ticket to come in are equivalent to the people you advertise to.

The people inside the stadium are equivalent to the people on your customer list.

So I ask you, who’s going to buy the hot dogs first?

The people out in line waiting to get in? They don’t even see you.

Or the people sitting and standing, engaged and being entertained by the game?

No question about it, the people in the stadium.

When you have a list of customers you have an asset.

And marketing legends like Dan Kennedy and Jay Abraham will all tell you that marketing to your customer list is the easiest most profitable activity you can do.

You’ve already spent time, energy and money to get them to be customers in the first place.

You’ve done a great job for them and now they trust you.

But the crazy thing is most business owners spend 90% of their time looking to sell their hot dogs to people outside waiting in line.


The biggest question I get about marketing to your customer list is “what should I offer them?”


The same things you offer people you advertise to.

If you were a long time customer of a company, do you not think you should be rewarded for your loyalty? I mean wouldn’t you like to get special discounts, incentives and opportunities just for being a loyal customer?

That’s how your customers feel too.

And if you market to them, say, once a month with great offers they cannot get anywhere else, wouldn’t that increase their loyalty to your company?

Wouldn’t that keep your company’s name “top of mind”

Remember this.

There’s a 99% chance your competition is not marketing to their customer list either. So marketing to your customer list automatically makes you stand out.

Plus it’s easy to track how well your monthly campaigns do just by making your customers bring in the letter, postcard or whatever.

One of the ways I like to contact my past customer is like this:

Stephen “Dusty” Roberts