The Greatest Customer “Sin” You Could Ever Commit

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On a different topic – do you remember high school?

Ha! That’s got to be one experience few ever forget. Especially this one guy I heard about named Greg.

It’s was Greg’s first day of class.

This teacher walks in.

Old guy.

Kind of wrinkly with a 70’s style porno “stache”.

Shirt hanging out on one side.

Everyone is getting a weird vibe from this guy. Like he’s not all there. Got a manic look in his eye and comes off really creepy.

This teacher starts running through attendance. Never looks up the entire time.

Then he gets to Greg’s name.

He starts to say his name but stops.

He looks up, scans the room and then looks directly at Greg.

He says, “Ah, Mr. 102194, I’m glad you’re here. How’s your family? Is your little sister still playing the piano? Is that model ship still on your dresser? Is your room still blue?”

Greg was shocked. Horrified.

Couldn’t find any words to respond with.

This “creepy guy” just described Greg’s family and the room he sleeps in perfectly.

The teacher goes on and says, “Oh, of course it is, it’s only been what? A week?”

Then he goes back to attendance.

Greg has mild panic attacks the rest of the day.

The next morning Greg finds out who the crazy old guy is.

It’s the best friend of his uncle.

His dad, his uncle and his uncle’s best friend all decided to pull a prank on Greg’s first day of high school.

And it came off beautifully. For an entire day Greg was terrified he was going to be abducted.

Afterwards, however, the teacher didn’t look so crazy. He dressed better, shaved of his 70’s porno “stache” (which he grew just for this prank) and stopped making his eye twitch.

Greg however NEVER, ever forgot this event.

The lesson here is all about what creating an experience does to people.

How it has the power to generate a powerful impression. And an unforgettable memory.

So the question I have for you is, “What kind of experience are you giving people when they come to your business?”

Are you committing the same unforgivable SIN like all your competitors?

Being boring, uninspired and forgettable?

Or do you offer something unique that would make you instantly memorable?

The thing is the experience you provide doesn’t have to be elaborate.

Starbucks for example isn’t exactly over the top creative when they run their business. I mean all they really do is serve coffee.

At really high prices.

And why do people keep coming back to pay for something they can get at 1/3 the cost next door? It’s the experience they provide.

The relaxed atmosphere. The quick service. The friendly Baristas. You can stay as long as you want. You never feel like you have to rush out.

Heck, some people even work from there on their laptops.

Another example would be the reception area in my company, Luv-A-Rug.

I have rugs all over the place. On the floor. On the walls. I even have lots of little rug oriented knick-knacks. Like little rug looms. And interesting pictures with rugs as a theme.

Even books on rugs.

Why do I have all that?

Because when people walk in they all say the same thing. “Wow it’s like a rug museum in here.”

Do you think that leaves an impression? You bet it does!

But it’s what I do AFTER that first impression that really turns the screws on my customers to make sure they NEVER forget their experience at my shop.

What is it I do?

Well one thing is for sure, I am NOT like my competition which all look, act, sound and feel like cookie cutter copies of each other.

Everything I do is about generating a MEMORABLE experience for my client.

One that makes me stand out in their mind. And lets me charge higher prices than my competitors and still be the #1 “go-to” rug cleaner in my town.

Now the question you have to ask yourself at this point is, “What has being boring all these years actually cost you, your business and your bank account?”

If you want to know how to be like the “Starbucks” of area rug cleaners in your market and charge HIGH prices your customers are more than HAPPY to pay – then there’s only one place that will show you how…

Stephen Dusty Roberts

P.S.If you also want to stand out in how well you can clean area rugs better than your competition, then be sure you dust your rugs before washing them.