The Ancient Persian Secret To Creating Wealth

The Ancient Persian Secret To Creating Wealth

Long ago in ancient Persia there was a big, but very, very poor family.

They had 8 children, and the youngest child was only 6 years old.

Every Saturday, the parents let their little 6 year old go into town to see the bazaar all by himself.

They thought he was a big enough boy to do that (of course, they were trailing behind but he didn’t know that).

At the bazaar the boy saw all kinds of beautiful clothes.

Luscious foods.

Diamonds and rare gems.

Since the boy didn’t even have a coin in his pocket, he could never afford to buy anything.

But one day this little boy went back to the bazaar.

Except this time he saw a crowd of about 200 people in a big circle across the street.

Being so small the boy was able to make his way to the front of the circle.

Once there, he saw something unusual he never imagined even existed.

It was a magician.

Now this magician was quite adept at his craft.

He was able to astonish the crowds by making things materialize out of thin air and then disappear again.

The boy watched the magician with utter fascination the entire time.

Then at very end of the show and the magician says, “I’m going to show you my best trick.”

He starts by putting his right index finger into his ear.

The entire crowd gasps when he pulls his finger out and it was engulfed by a bright fiery orange flame.

Then he shows everyone whatever he touches this finger to gets transformed into pure gold.

He touched a small statue … pure gold.

He touched a rock …pure gold.

He touched a branch … pure gold, and he gave it all away.

Everybody clapped and then left, except for the little boy.

He stood there transfixed as the magician was putting his props away.

He asked, “Boy, do you like my magic?”

The boy says, “Oh, yes!”

The magician then asked, “Boy, do you want some gold?”

The boy replied, “Oh, please, yes, yes!”

So the magician touches his fiery orange finger on a pebble and gave it to the boy.

He says, “Here boy, this pebble is now pure gold,.

The boy responds by saying, “Oh, thank you! Thank you! Thank you very much, but …”

Confused, the magician asks, “But what?”

“But I want more.”

The magician says, “Okay,” so he puts his finger in the air and touches a farily long branch.

The branch transforms into pure gold.

He gives it to the boy, and the boy says, “Thank you, but …”

And the magician roars at him, “But WHAT?”

“But I want more.”

The magician goes, “Okay,” and then went over and touched a small boulder the boy could roll home.

The boulder became pure gold an he says, “Boy, roll that home. Your family will have money for years.”

The boy said, “Oh thank you so much! Thank you, but …”

Again the magician roars, “But what?”

“But I want more!”

Perplexed the magician sighs, “What more can I give you?”

The boy said, “I want the magic finger.”

Now when I tell this story to my coaching clients they all tend to say, “What a greedy little kid”.

But I say, “No. The boy wasn’t greedy. He was a genius.”

You see the major mistake business owners make is they only think about the gold.

They don’t think about the finger.

To business owners the gold represents “money” or what something might cost.

Whereas the finger represents the tool that creates the money for them.

What I am trying to say here is not to focus on how much money something might cost.

Focus instead on how much money something can make you.

Like our Client Reactivation Letter.

Yes it’s pricey.

There’s a reason for that – it’s extremely valuable.

It. Makes. You. Money.

It’s like having your own magic finger.

Think of it this way, if someone offered you a magic finger that turns things into gold, how much would you pay for it?

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Stephen Dusty Roberts

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