The Achilles Heel All Your Competitors Have

“A leader is one who knows the way,
goes the way and shows the way”

John C. Maxwell

Hockey in Canada is a pretty big deal.

Not just NHL but even the recent World Juniors Hockey Championship is followed intensely up here where earlier this month the USA team beat Canada for 1st place.

Now even if you don’t follow hockey, there is a great story of leadership worth hearing.

It involves the Montreal Canadiens back in 1944 and one of their most famous players “Rocket Richard”.

Rocket got his nickname from a fellow teammate who said Richard would always come at you like a Rocket. The name was picked up by the media and it stuck ever since.

Now during the 1944 season, the New York Rangers brought up a player from one of the minor leagues. His name was Bob Dill, a guy who earned the nickname “Killer” because he was a brawler.

The Rangers was brought Dill up for only one purpose, to mess with and intimidate Rocket Richard.

The next time the New York Rangers and the Montreal Canadiens met sparks flew immediately.

Dill picked a fight first with Richard’s line mate Elmer Lach. Then his other team mate Toe Blake. After roughing up the two, Dill turned to Rocket Richard and said, “What’s the matter, is the frog scared?”

That was the last thing Dill would remember for the next few minutes.

Rocket Richard lifted him off the ice with a massive right hook that dropped Dill to the frozen ground in a crumpled heap.

When Dill came to, he was taken to the penalty box where made the mistake of taunting Rocket again.

Rocket leaned over the boards and hit him again. The next day the papers ran the headline, “Dill Pickled”

For the Montreal Canadiens, Rocket Richard was a true leader.

He taught his team how to be focused and never to be intimidated. He showed them how to come together and share the same perspective. The perspective of where they had an intense desire to win as a team.

As a coach, I have taught other area rug cleaners the same ideals.

How never to be intimidated by the competition – no matter how big they are.

I’ve taught them where in their business they should be focusing to get the biggest returns. The best clients. The highest prices.

I’ve taught them what the Achilles heel is in every one of their competitors no matter how big or old or established they are.

I’ve taught them how to take advantage of that Achilles heel and use it to close more sales than they ever thought possible.

I’ve shown them exactly where and when they make the most money in their business.

I’ve revealed to them how to reactivate lost and dormant customers and create windfall profits as a result.

I’ve taught all this and more because it comes from my own actual real world experience.

I walk the walk and I talk the talk.

I run the most successful, the most recognized, the most trusted area rug cleaning company in my market.

The strategies I developed and use are designed specifically for businesses that specialize in area rug cleaning and will work for anyone in this industry.

There are three ways you can discover what these strategies are – depending on what you need.

  1. You can get one-on-one coaching where I guide you through every step of the way (reply to this email if you are interested).
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Stephen “Dusty” Roberts

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