The 2 silent tools customers use to go on strike against your company

It’s caused all kinds of headaches.

Especially for families with school age kids.

Years ago the teachers union in my province of BC Canada tried to get a new collective agreement with the goverment.

The whole situation came to a head when the teachers voted to go on strike.

That meant schools is shut down two full weeks earlier than they were supposed to and parents had to scramble and figure out how to care for their kids two weeks earlier than expected.

As you can imagine people were not happy about it at all.

Now the thing is, clients do the same thing to companies all the time.

Except when customers strike they don’t picket outside your door.

Instead they use two powerful tools against you…

  1. Social media
  2. Their wallet

Customers use these tools by promoting a company that blows their expectations out of the water and to avoid a company (yours maybe?) that doesn’t meet their expectations.

What’s worse is you’ll NEVER even know it’s happening.

The only way you find out is when customers just stop showing up and your business suffers a noticable drop in revenue.

And if you’re like the average company owner you’ll probably blame the economy, when in fact you’ve done nothing to stand out and above your competitors.

But preventing clients from silently going on stike against your company is a lot easier than the drama that played out in our school system.

The “demands” clients usually have are few and never really change.

Which is great news for you because it becomes easy to exceed their expectations.

And everytime you give a client more than they expect they want to come back.

It’s one of the reasons why I put a five year virtually unlimited guarantee on our Rugbadger Pro.

In a world where people normally get a one year warranty on equipment they buy, our 5 year one really stands out.

So take a look at what you do with your clients.

Are you doing anything at all to exceed their expectations?

Or are you acting just like your competitors and just meeting them?

Stephen Dusty Roberts

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