Steve Jobs is (partly) responsible for my fire sale

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Computers helped me to see my business in a completely different way.

For example…

When Steve Jobs realized he didn’t like required courses in his first year at collage, he dropped out.

He claims it was the best thing he ever did.

But at the same time, he “dropped in” on courses interesting to him.

One was on the subject of Calligraphy.

He said “Calligraphy was fascinating and interesting.”

In a key note address to graduates from Standford University, Jobs claims this calligraphy course was responsible for multiple type style fonts used in our computers today.

In much the same way, when I decided to make it my mission to figure out how to build a successful rug cleaning company I “dropped out” too.

I dropped out of all the traditional ways people told me I had to market.

Instead I “dropped in” to see how other industries solved their marketing problems.

It was the best thing I ever did because I got a tremendous amount of insights and ideas that totally transformed my business.

Because I was not doing what all my competitors were doing, my company immediately stood out like a candy apple red Ferrari in parking lot of beige Toyotas.

The result?

I became recognized as the number #1 “go to” company to get area rugs cleaned.

In a way I have Steve Jobs to thank.

And here is why it should matter to you.

A lot of what I learned and still do in my business to stay #1, I put into a DVD that I no longer sell.

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Stephen Dusty Roberts

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