Red vs Blue: What will Clump (Clinton and Trump) actually do for your business?

It’s hard to tell who is going to win.

If you watch CNN you’d think Hillary has it hands down.

If you watch Fox or the alternative news sites you’d think Trump has it in the bag.

But no matter which part of “Clump” wins, one thing is certain.

That massive tax eating, money wasting bureaucratic behemoth we call government will keep on chugging along.

Creating tens of thousands of new pages just to document all their new policies, regulations and laws all designed to “protect us”.

In 2015 the page count came in at a record breaking 81,611.

I can only imagine what 2016 will bring in.

It’s crazy to think that with all that money the government gets from us these days the biggest thing they ever produce for us is words on paper.

Contrast that to a Filipino brother and sister team who actually created something useful.

They invented a lamp that only uses salt, water and two metals rods to chemically create light.

After initial testing it is expected that the electrodes will need to be replaced twice a year and the salt water needs to be refreshed every day to get eight hours of light.

It even comes with a USB outlet to charge electronic devices.

In a country where kereosene is the major fuel used to light up the night this invention is not only sustainable and affordable it also prevents devesatating accidental home fires that happens a lot in rural areas.

It’s funny don’t you think?

A couple of young kids invent something that can light up the night for people who don’t have electricity, but a government with billions of dollars at their disposal does nothing but keep us in the dark (and crushed under regulations).

Makes you shake your head right?

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Stephen Dusty Roberts

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