Red vs blue: It’s not even close

So today I woke up to headlines like this:

  • Trump and Clinton in tight race on campaign’s final day
  • US Election: America, on a knife’s edge
  • Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Scramble to Make Their Final Pleas

It seems a lot of people think this is going to be a tight race.

And by tomorrow night we’ll know for sure once and for all who the country wants red or blue.

But when it comes to red and blue RugBadgers it’s not even close.

The reds have it.

Yup we’ve made a few blue Rugbadgers in the past like this:

Heck, we even had a few green ones.

But the overwhelming majority of what people want are RED RugBadgers.

I didn’t have to conduct any crazy oversampled polls to find out.

Or rig any voting machines either.

I only had to watch people vote with their wallet and red RugBadgers won by a landslide.

Now just a quick reminder.

Tomorrow is the LAST day for our RugBadger equipment sale.

Once a new president is picked this sale much like the election will be over.


Right now is the time to save thousands of dollars on rug care equipment.

We even can help preserve your cash flow with great no money down financing.

You better hurry we have only a couple of overstock items left.

All the details are here:

Stephen Dusty Roberts

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