R-r-r-r-oll Up My R-r-r-r-im To Win

“Excitement is impossible where there is no contest”

Henry Cabot Lodge

Ever hear of Tim Hortons?

It’s an extremely popular fast food restaurant best known for it’s coffee and doughnuts.

In 2012, Tim Hortons recorded its total revenues at over $3 billion.

It has over 4000 locations in Canada, over 800 in the USA and about 30 in the Persian Gulf area.

The company got started in 1964 but it wasn’t until the 1980’s that it really got onto to a roll.

That’s when it began opening stores at a record pace and doubling it’s chain size every 5 years.

Now in 1985 there were two major paper coffee cup suppliers to the company.

Lily cup was one of them and they were looking to get a bigger chunk of the Tim Hortons business.

One day a representative from Lily cup told the management of Tim Hortons that they developed a new cup. This new cup allowed for a message to be printed under the rim at no extra cost.

They made the suggestion that this area would be a good place for a contest or something.

Tim Hortons was intrigued and decided to give it a try.

They came up with the name “Rrrrroll up the rim to win”. It was a contest where a customer could roll up the rim of their coffee cup to see if they won a prize.

Tim Hortons launched the campaign in 1986 during the Spring when coffee sales tended to drop.

There was a slight rise in sales the first year but it really took off a year or two later.

The grand prize that first year?

A box of Tim Bits (aka doughnut holes).

Despite the lame grand prize of that first year, “Roll up the rim to win” became so popular that just two year later Tim Hortons started giving away cars.

The promotion really became memorable once they began rolling the R’s in the tagline like a Scotsman. “R-r-r-r-oll up the r-r-r-r-rim to win” is now over 30 years old and has been responsible for giving away 500 cars, millions of free coffee and doughnuts plus a huge spike in sales every year.

All because of the small move to print something under the rim of a paper coffee cup.

The thing this Tim Hortons example makes really clear is how the power of contests can motivate customers.

Recently, I discovered how true that fact was for myself.

You see, not that long ago I was on a mission to figure out how to make Facebook work for my company.

I wanted it to be a platform where I could use it to generate business from it.

And not be a useless tool where I only a handful of followers like every other rug cleaning business in the world has.

So I had a conversation with a colleague of mine in a totally different industry who had a large Facebook following.

He told me that once you reach a certain amount of likes, it becomes a profitable tool. I asked him what I needed to do then followed his advice.

I decided to add my own spin on things by ripping a page out of Tim Hortons marketing book and running a contest.

The end result?

I went from a laughable 30 likes to over 138,000 likes in just a few months.


Do you have any idea what that means?

It means I generate business every time I make a post that only takes a minute or two to write.

Facebook has now become an extremely effective marketing tool that costs me nothing.


Think about it.

Nearly every one of my customers owns a smartphone.

A smartphone they take with them everywhere – even to bed.

And when I post something new up in my Facebook, thousands of people see it EVERY DAY.

It generates thousands of dollars in business for me weekly.

Yet, like I said it costs me nothing.

Zero. Nada. Zip.

Do I pay any money to boost some posts?

Sure but only ones that fall under a specific type of criteria.

Yet no matter how much I spend it will ALWAYS be cheaper than advertising in newspapers, TV, radio or Google Ads.

And MUCH more effective.


Want to know the secret to making Facebook a platform that makes you a profit?

Want to know…

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  • The kind of prizes that repels customers like as if you sprayed skunk oil over it?
  • What you need to do in every Facebook post to make it worth reading to your customers?

Yes? Well there is only one place that teaches area rug cleaners like you how to do that:


Stephen “Dusty” Roberts

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