Pull The MARKET Out From Under Your Competition

Thanks for all your comments on yesterday’s email.


So let’s talk about a HUGE company out there.

The kind of company you would call one of the “big boys”.

They have so many stores in the US it kind of boggles the mind. It’s one of the most ubiquitous companies around.




And yet with all their money, all their clout, all their influence, 4 cities refuse to have anything to do with them.

New York. San Francisco. Boston. Newark.

They all said no – stay out.

The company? Walmart.

The lesson?

Even the most well known company in the world does not appeal to everyone.

And that should tell you something.

As much as Walmart wants to be the only retailer in the world, they never will be. Not everyone wants to shop there. Not everyone likes the kind of experience they offer.

Even though Walmart owns the position of being the place to go for the lowest price – that doesn’t appeal to everyone.

There will always be a huge section of the population that will shop anywhere BUT there.

Four cities have demonstrated that.

They demonstrated there is a market for higher prices. For higher value. For a better, more richer experience. The kind of richer experience YOU can offer people who need their rugs cleaned.

In your town you probably have a big competitor.

Someone who you might call one of the “Big Boys”. Someone who is well known. Who has cleaned rugs for years. Who is the cheap price leader.

What you could consider the “Walmart of rug cleaning” in your market.

But the thing is THAT company has a weakness.

A fatal flaw.

A flaw that they have no idea exists. A flaw so easy to exploit you can use it to pull the MARKET right out from under them.

It’s a flaw I talk a lot about here (along with how to use it to exponentially grow your marketshare with)…


Stephen Dusty Roberts