My STRANGEST fire sale ever…(really? yup)

Is it really my strangest fire sale ever? 

You bet.

As a matter of fact, it’s about 9 years over due.

It started back in 2008 when my shop burned down (I’ve got a picture of that for you – see below).

Now here’s what happened. 

The other day my business partner was clearing some stuff out of his house when he came across a mysterious box.

Inside the box contained the LAST 12 surviving DVD’s I use to sell on called,

“How You Can Make $3-$7 a Sq Ft Caring For Oriental Rugs” 

They were were rescued after the fire, put away for safe keeping them promptly forgotten about.

The cool part about these DVDs is that they are still in perfect condition (got a picture of that too for you – see below).

So here’s the thing. 

Because of these 12 DVD’s I have the perfect reason to do a quick & dirty fire-sale.

So I’ve decided to put together a killer deal for the first 12 people who take action.

Now these DVD’s used to sell for $149 plus shipping on

But for the first 12 people who order… 

  • I’ve slashed the price (big time)
  • I’m going to give you FREE shipping
  • I’m including 2 huge bonuses (see below)
  • You get amazing marketing content on the DVD that I STILL USE everyday in my own shop


You have to take a look at what’s being offered.

Once you click on the link you’ll see 

  • A picture of the building my business was in after the fire (I still cringe)
  • A picture of the last remaining 12 DVDs
  • A video describing what is on the DVD
  • A bullet list of the content on the DVD
  • A description of the two FREE bonuses (each worth $99) 

You owe it to yourself to at least check it out right now. 

I expect these to sell out – so the sooner you order your copy the better.

Remember I only have 12 – so you have to act now.

Check it out here…

Stephen Dusty Roberts