It’s your “Blockbuster Video” moment of truth…

You know what a lost opportunity is, right? 

Here’s a doozy for you…

In 2000, Blockbuster Video Entertainment, Inc. was an industry giant. At it’s peak it had over 9,000 stores and a little more than 60,000 employees.

Netflix on the otherhand was a tiny company struggling to stay in business renting DVDs by mail to several thousand subscribers.

Realizing they needed to change their business model to stay in business, Netflix decided to stream their movies to their subscribers instead.

But the problem was they had no money to develop the idea.

So guess where they went?

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings decided to pay a visit to Blockbuster’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

He offered John Antioco, Blockbuster’s head at that time, a chance to buy Netflix for a mere $50 million. 

Antioco was stuck in the past. He had no idea how fast the internet and computers were advancing.

According to Hastings, he was literally laughed out of that meeting.

You probably know what happened next.

By 2007 Netflix took off and by 2010, Blockbuster lost $1.1 billion and was worth $24 million, while Netflix was worth $13 billion.

Shortsighteness is what did Blockbuster in.

They rejected the opportunity of a lifetime and suffered for it.

I don’t want the same thing to happen to you. 

Right now you are being presented with an opportunity of your own. Maybe not as big as Netflix, but one that can change your business.

You have the opportunity to own one of the 6 last remaining DVDs I have left and no longer sell.

The reason I don’t sell them anymore is because everything in that DVD is now part of RugLovers College.

Now here’s the thing. 

The DVD is awesome.

Everything in it (and there’s a LOT packed into it) I still use in my business today.

And it costs less than one month’s membeship fee of RugLovers College.

I mean for only $59 you’re getting a heck of deal.

You get more marketing information that actually works for YOUR area rug cleaning business than you will ever get from anyone else.

Plus you get two FREE killer bonuses worth nearly two hundred dollars.

So you have a decision to make.

Are you going to be like Blockbuster and ignore a great and rare opportunity? 

Or will you be one of the lucky ones who takes advantage of a great deal when they see one?

Especially one that can impact your business in a powerful and profitable way.

If you want to be more like Netflix then you know what to do…

Stephen Dusty Roberts

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