How You Can GET More Business Right Now

Thanks for all the questions about reconnecting and making money with your past customers.

Here is some more insight.

It all comes down to simple mathematics.

The average business loses about 20% of its customers every year (a.k.a. attrition rate).

That means if you lose 20% of your customers a year, you have to add 30% more new clients just to get a 10% increase in growth.


Let’s say you had 1000 customers in the past. A 20% attrition rate means you lose 200 customers a year. It also means you have to find 300 new customers to get a 10% growth.

That’s a LOT of work. Now you know why many small businesses focus so heavily on getting new customers.

But there is a better way. An easier way.

It’s called KEEPING your customers.

It’s about being proactive and connecting with your customers instead of waiting for them to connect with you.

And one of the first things you should do is reconnect and reactivate those customers who have not been back for a year or more (what I call low hanging fruit).

The simplest and most profitable way to do that is with a letter.

Not just any kind of letter. But rather a letter that has all of these 6 key components in it:

  • re-introducing yourself
  • thanking them for their past business
  • telling them the situation
  • apologizing for any problems they might have encountered
  • making them an irresistible offer
  • call to action

It’s important to know you MUST have all 6 of those components in the letter or it will not work.

You also have to make sure the letter focuses on the customer and not your company or again, it will not work.

Now there are two ways you can deal with this. You can take time out of your day and try and write the letter yourself, but if you are not an experienced copywriter it can be quite a task.


You can have a reactivation letter that is already PROVEN to work in the area rug cleaning industry.

A letter I personally use in my own company.

All you need to do is take that letter, customize it with your company info, add a couple of details and you’re good to go.

Once you properly customize it and get it to perform it will become an profitable asset for your company like it’s become in mine.

How easy is it to customize this letter for your company?

Extremely easy because I will give you the fill-in-the-blanks templates that makes the letter practically write itself.

I also have a quick video training series that takes you through the templates step-by-step.

On top of all that I’ll even have my resident expert look over your letter to make sure it’s perfect!

For me, this reactivation letter not only brings in $20,000 in sales every time I mail it out, it also gives me another great reason to keep in contact with my customers PLUS it helps reduce my attrition rate.

Truth be told, this simple one page letter IS MORE VALUABLE than all of my equipment put together.


Because its become a virtual ATM machine for me now.

An ATM machine that YOU CAN OWN own too.

But only for a limited time (I’m only giving this out to the first 50 people).

To learn more about this reactivation letter and to get a copy of it for yourself all you have to do is go here:

Stephen Dusty Roberts

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