How to use the “Larry King” secret to success

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Copywriting of course is all about using words to convey information, ideas, insight, entertainment.

So are interviews – especially when you get to talk to infamous people.

Like Richard Nixon for example.

Now for a couple of decades Larry King was one of the top talk show hosts in the country.

One day his producer told him he had landed an interview with former President, Richard Nixon, a very controversial figure at the time (I mean they don’t call you Tricky Dick for nothing – not to mention the whole watergate thing).

Well, Larry thought long and hard about how he could differentiate himself from every other interviewer.

He wanted to ask Richard Nixon a question that nobody had ever asked him before.

So when his show Larry King Live went on air, King asked him “the question” and Nixon INSTANTLY perked up.

Nixon said, “You know, Larry. Nobody has ever asked me that question.”

What exactly did King ask Nixon?

He asked, “President Nixon, where were you when President Kennedy was assassinated?”

Questions ARE the answer.

If you can take the time to ask interesting and thought provoking questions, you will get interesting and thought provoking answers.

Questions are the cornerstone of every business.

They are the tools you can use to not only get information but also persuade people to buy from you without having to sell.

With the right questions you can turn the dreaded price shoppers into loyal buyers.

With the right questions you can get amazing testimonials that convince prospects who read them to buy only from you.

The trick of course is knowing what the right questions are.

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