How to profit on Disney’s dead mouse dilemma

Thanks for sending in your stories about “Principle 16” which I talked about in the free Persian Rug Dealer Referral Report.

And yes, it really can help lock your competition out – even powerful ones.


Think you’ve got stiff competition?

How would you like to have to go up against Disney?

Disney is extremely protective of it’s properties and will go after anything it considers a violation.

Consider the example of two guys who own a bar in New York who both happen to have the same name – Mickey.

They decided to call their bar Mickey’s Mousetrap. When Disney found out about the place they took it as a trademark violation and forced the two owners to change the name of their bar.

I bet you think it’s impossible to win against this Monolith with it’s army of lawyers and pockets deeper than the grand canyon?

Think again.

A dead mouse did it.

Sounds crazy right?

Well, check out these details.

Electronic music producer Joel Zimmerman is one really successful recording artist. His fans know him best as Deadmau5 (pronounced dead mouse).

And when he performs live, he wears a huge mouse head with big round ears, vacant white eyes and a creepy grin.

So it’s probably no surprise to you Deadmau5 was hit with a 171 page document from Disney.

Yet it was a surprise because Zimmerman had trademarked the Mau5head logo for ten years AND had business deals with Disney during that time.

Anyway the 171 page document complained the Deadmau5 design was nearly identical to their Property (Mickey Mouse).

Deadmau5’s response? He tweeted…

“landed home to some interesting news: looks like Disney officially just filed in opposition of my trademark…lawyer up Mickey.”

The next thing Deadmau5 did was check Google and he came across something interesting.

Disney had used one of his songs in a video without his permission AND – get this – the video ended with his Mau5head logo. Yup – the same logo Disney complained (in the 171 page document) would confuse the public.

So what did Deadmau5 do?

Fired off a cease and desist order to Disney saying the company violated his music copyright and his trademark. Then he tweeted…

“let’s test a theory, it takes em 10 years to oppose a tradmark, let’s see how long it takes em to take down a video.”

The video came down immediately.

Nine months later…the suit ended peacfully with Deadmau5 still performing with his mau5head.

Did you catch the lesson here?

Big boys are not invulnerable – they all have weaknesses.

A chink in their armour.

A flaw that smaller companies can take advantage of.

What are the flaws of your area rug cleaning competition?

There are lots but the biggest and easiest one to exploit is the way they communicate with their customers.

I’ve travelled a lot throughout the US and visited a ton of rug cleaners. And if there is one thing they all do IDENTICALLY, it’s ruin sales with how they talk to customers and potential customers.

I’ve watched rug cleaners insult customers about their rug and not even know they’re doing it.

I’ve listened to them talk with contempt in their voice to “phone shoppers” who they consider a waste of their time.

I’ve even witnessed cleaners refuse to clean an inexpensive rug because they felt it was beneath them to do so (or not worth it to them).

That’s only the tip of the iceburg.

Yet in every one of these interactions rug cleaners did two things.

  1. They pre-judged a rug (or a client)
  2. Never saw the bigger picture

Just knowing how to capitalize on those two aspects alone could make you dominate your entire city.

If you sound just like your competitors then it’s no wonder you can not get ahead.

That’s why the RedPrint has become the Secret weapon of so may new rug cleaners who have big competition in their area.

It lets them turn every “phone shopper” their competition pissed off into high value clients in less than 3 minutes.

It let’s them turn the phrase “How much will it cost to clean my rug” that grinds on the nerves of their competition into cold hard cash nearly everytime.


Because the RedPrint has you communicating totally different than your competitors.

So where your competitors all sound and act like a boring bunch of beige toyotas on the phone…

…the Redprint will make you seem like a exciting ride in a fiery hot red Ferrari.

Go ahead – be the Ferrari of rug cleaners in your town.

I dare you.

Stephen “Dusty” Roberts

P.S. What is the “bigger picture” I said rug cleaners never saw (in point 2 above)? If you don’t know what the “bigger picture” is, then you’ve been losing more than 50% of the revenue you should be making. That can start to change once you put this into practice…