How To Crush 2017 With Simplicity And Breakfast

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants”

Sir Issac Newton

A couple of days ago I talked about McDonalds.

Where in 1991 they jumped from a measly 1% growth rate to an impressive 11% by doing one little thing – combining a Big Mac with fries & a coke and calling it an extra value meal.

What the extra value meal lost with it’s 20% discount was made up in volume.

So much so that 50% of McDonald’s revenue was directly attributed to the extra value meal.

Another classic example of the “small move – big gain” phenomena.

Well guess what?

They did it again.

McDonald’s made another small move that generated a massive jump in profits this year.

What was their small move? Serving breakfast all day.

I mean think about it.

Serving breakfast all day was an obvious move.

How many people work strange shifts?

How many people like to eat breakfast foods later in the day?

How many customers over the years have gotten pissed off because they missed the breakfast cut off by two minutes?

Millions of people.

McDonald’s finally did the obvious and the payback has been phenomenal.

How phenomenal?

In the first quarter of 2016 alone – profits increased 35%.

For a company this big and in a niche this established to make an improvement like this is simply epic.

Now here’s my million dollar question: What “obvious” idea are you neglecting in your business? What things have your customers asked for that you’re not giving them?

I know it’s a hard question to answer because I have been in your shoes.

I’ve had lean years wondering why my company was not busier.

I’ve had employees go A.W.O.L. on me.

I’ve struggled with pricing issues, thinking my customers would never pay more than a few dollars a sq ft.

I’ve even had my business burn to the ground and was forced to work out of a two car garage for a few years.

Yet despite all that, one thing prevailed.

I had passion.

A passion to making my rug cleaning company the most successful and the most profitable one in my town.

I spent years figuring out things the hard way. I tested everything.

I’ve tested hundreds of different ways to answer the phone.

Hundreds of different ways of attracting new business.

Hundreds of different ways of talking to customers in my shop.

Hundreds of different ways of getting referral business.

All in the attempt to find the most efficient, most profitable way of doing everything.

And you know what I found?

All of the most profound effects on my business came from the smallest things.

Big flashy advertising never landed me new customers.

But a tiny little change I did when I answered the phone sure did (by turning price shoppers into customers nearly 100% of the time).

Google ads cost me more than I made from it.

But a simple little thing I did with facebook now earns me thousands in new business every week at no cost at all.

It took a while but I discovered the truth about what it takes to get huge results in this industry.

Huge results do not require huge efforts.

Huge results come from the simplest ideas. They come from the most obvious things that are hiding under your nose. They come from the most dull, unpolished and boring object and never the bright shiney one.

Now you can spend years trying to figuring it all out.

Or you can join the RugLovers College where I’ve already done (and continue to do) the years of work of finding these “small move – big gain” ideas for you.

Stephen “Dusty” Roberts

P.S. Tomorrow is New Years Eve. Were you happy with the way 2016 turned out for your company? Was it siginificanlty better than 2015? If not, mat it’s time you make a change because doing what you’ve been doing for the past few years obviously is not working.