How To Attract More Customers [Part 6]

Marketing Legend Dan Kennedy Says
Your Business Will Likely Crash and Burn Here’s why…

Yesterday I watched a Dan Kennedy video on Youtube.

This marketing legend was talking about why most businesses owners end up struggling, crashing & burning.

A lot of it had to do with not being able to see their business for what it actually is.

The problem, Kennedy says, is people confuse their deliverables with their business.

For example if you clean carpets then you probably think your business is providing a carpet cleaning service.

Or if you clean area rugs you probably think your business is providing a rug cleaning service.

But that’s not true.

You are actually in the marketing business.

Your business is marketing the product or service you deliver.

The better you are at marketing the more money you will make.

Unfortunately, many business owners only learn enough marketing to get by and then get stuck working IN their business instead of On it.

That’s a bad position to be in.


Because if you get injured and can’t work there’s a good chance your business will grind to a halt.

And so will your money.

But if you get really good at marketing then it doesn’t matter what the business is.

You will be able to make that business outperform all your competitors.

It can practically run without you.

Take my company for example.

In 2008 the building I was operating out of went up in flames.

So for a few years my employees worked out of a two car garage and a small store front and I had to keep things very low key.

Then, once I found the ideal location to relocate to, I turned my marketing machine back on, exploded back on the scene and snatched the #1 position in no time at all.

My competitors were shell shocked.

They had no idea anyone could leave them choking in the dust so fast like that.

But that’s what happens when you know marketing.

When you know where your leverage points are.

When you know what your true assets are.

One of those assets is your customer list.

And once you have a way to make money from that list in a consistant, repeatable way then you have something of extreme value.

Something that makes your company very attractive if you ever plan to sell it.

My Customer Reactivation Letter is one such asset.

It consistantly makes me a minimum of $20,000.00 in sales every time I mail it out.

It can also do the same for you.

But only if you act before Monday Nov 21st.

That’s when I pull it off the market.

So now the question is, what are you going to do?

Are you going to keep struggling to find new customers to replace the ones that never come back?

Or would you rather have a way to KEEP them from going to your competitors AND make a windfall profit at the same time?

I know what I would do if someone offered me a license to print money like that.

I would head over to here like a rocket:

Stephen Dusty Roberts

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