How To Attract More Customers [Part 5]

The Disney Secret To Creating
Great Big Fat “Cash Windfalls”

In 1977 my business partner was at a drive-in theater.

His older brother had picked him up so they could go see Star Wars.

To say that movie had an influence on him would be an understatement.

The opening scene where that huge triangular ship from the Empire came on screen seemed to go on forever.

He knew at that moment what he was about to see was unlike anything he had ever experienced before.

How did he know?

Because ever since he was 10 years old his dad would drop him and his younger brother off at the movies every Saturday afternoon.

The theater they went to always played a double feature for kids every Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

This was the place he saw every Abbot and Costello movie. Every Elvis Presley movie. Every sci-fi, pirate, Godzilla or adventure movie ever made to that point.

And when he saw Star Wars – he was completely blown away.

The special effects, storyline and sheer thrill of all that action was unlike anything he’d seen before.

Fast forward to today and the latest Star Wars movie is about to come out (Rogue One).

It’s pretty much guaranteed to fill every theatre seat for weeks.

And fill the pockets of Disney with billions of dollars.

Not just from ticket sales.

But from merchandising.

Models, posters, key chains, lunch boxes, t-shirts, lunch boxes and hundreds of thousands of other products.

You can learn a lot from Disney.

Especially from the way they leverage and monetize every asset they own.

Now you may think you don’t have any assets you can monetize.

But you would be wrong.

For example: The BIGGEST asset you own right now is your customer list.

Did you know there are at least three ways RIGHT NOW you can leverage a customer list to make more money?

And one of those ways is to reactivate lost & dormant customers.

Customers who have forgotten about you because you never bothered to stay in contact them.

That all changes today.


Because I am going to hand you the exact letter I use to send to my lost and dormant customers.

A letter that generates at least $20k in WINDFALL PROFITS everytime I send it out.

A letter I will customize for you.

A letter that can create windfall profits for you every time you send it out.

A letter that will become the MOST valuable asset in your company.

A letter that you can ONLY get right here:

Stephen Dusty Roberts

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