How To Attract More Customers [Part 1]

“It’s Some Of The
Strongest S*** On The Planet”

It’s pretty cool stuff.

And its even got a cool name.

They call it Gorilla glue.

The company that makes it is based in Cincinnati, Ohio and has been selling Gorilla Glue for over a decade.

The glue was first discovered being used in Indonesia on teak furniture.

It’s since become known for it’s industrial holding power on just about anything.

It bonds to wood, stone, metal, ceramic, foam, glass – you name it!

It’s also 100% waterproof.

Won’t breakdown when exposed to outdoor elemnts.

Perfect for most household fixes indoors or out.

Once it dries, Gorilla glue is totally unaffected by extreme heat or cold.

There’s probably no better glue on the market.

It has the kind of bonding power you want to have with your referral sources.

The kind of bond that locks them into only ever referring business to you and not your competitors.

Now that may sound like a hard thing to accomplish but it’s not.

I’ve done it in my town and I’ve shown others how to do it in theirs.

The thing you have to realize is a referral source is like any relationship you have in life.

The more attention you give it, the more it grows.

The less attention you give it, the more it withers.

So if you want a steady stream of clients walking through your door everyday there is no better way than cultivating powerful relationships with referral sources.

Yes you may have to spend a little more time with them.

But you’ll spend less on advertising.

You’ll spend less time awake at night worrying if you can pay all your bills this month.

You’ll breathe a lot easier knowing your bank account is growing.

So do yourself a favor.

Build up your referral sources.

Make them the most important relationships your company has next to your clients.

Make the bond between you and your referral sources so Gorilla Glue strong it locks out your competition.

And if you don’t know which referral sources are the most profitable to go after or how to build a Gorrila Glue strong bond…

…there’s only one place to go…The RugLovers College.

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Stephen Dusty Roberts

P.S. Already got lots of clients? Then your next step to higher profitability is to speed up your production