How this small, simple action generated thousands in new business

How Small Actions Lead To Massive Results”

The first high school kid ever to run a mile under 4 minutes was a 17 year old from Kansas named Jim Ryun.

It happened on June 5, 1964 where Ryan (now a retired congressman) broke the tape in 3:58.30 at a Wichita high-school track meet.

To give you an idea how monumental this achievement is…

…only 5 other high school students in the past 52 years have ever broken the 4 minute mile.

Yes ONLY five.


There’s a professor by the name Dr. Rob Gilbert.

He is one of the world’s leading experts on Sport Psychology.

His work has literally helped thousands of athletes defeat their mental problems.

One summer when he was a teenager, Dr. Gilbert was working at a summer camp in New Hampshire.

While he was there he met a kid who was a very good runner.

This kid was inspired by what happened in Witchita and wanted to become the next Jim Ryun.

He wanted to become the second American to run the mile in under 4 minutes.

So he wrote to Ryun’s coach.

In his letter he said, “I’m going to high school here in New Hampshire. I love running and want to be the next person to break the 4 minute mile. Could you give me some advice on how I should train?”

The happiest person Dr. Gilbert ever saw in his life was when this kid got a huge envelope in the mail.

In it Jim Ryun’s coach sent all of Ryun’s workouts leading up to the 4-minute mile.

He gave him everything.

He gave him the Holy Grail.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is he spent the rest of the summer reading the workouts.

He never did any of the workouts.

It’s one of the saddest stories in sports.

What this kid did is exactly what I see a lot of rug care business owners do.

They buy a lot of programs on how to improve their business.

They read or listen to or watch the information.

And then….do nothing.

They don’t implement.

Then they wonder why they are not more successful or end up blaming the economy.

Look – just having information is worthless.

But USING the information is priceless.

That’s where the magic happens.

That’s when the changes are made.

That’s how you climb to the top of the mountain and declare yourself a success.

Now let me say this.

The kind of actions you have to do are NOT big ones.

The smallest actions actually have the biggest impacts.

Especially in your business.

Here’s an example.

One of my customers complained earlier this year how business was slow.

Painfully, agonizingly, worryingly slow.

So I asked him what kind of relationship he had with his clients.

He said they were really happy with him, his work and his company.

I said, “Great. Here is one simple little thing you can do right now with your past customers.

Not only will this little action let you personally connect with your customers again, it will also get you a whole bunch of Google Reviews and a surprise.”

He asked me what kind of surprise.

I gave him the details of what to do and then said, “Just go ahead and try it and phone me back once you discover what the surprise is.”

So he did.

And what did he tell me the surprise was?

He said he got thousands of dollars worth of business with no effort whatsoever.

You see how that works?

He only had to do one small action which brought in thousands of dollars in new business.

No advertising. No money spent. No tricks.

It’s just something simple he can do anytime it gets slow again.

It’s something he can do to help build his own economy.

It’s also something I show you how to do in RugLovers College.

Here’s where to find out what it is:

Stephen Dusty Roberts