How his business stole his life (could this be you too?)

So I stomped all over someone’s nerve a while back.

It belonged to a guy who owns a restoration business.

He called me up and confessed he found himself on a list I emailed out about the 10 reasons why people are now getting into the area rug care industry.

His reason?

His restoration business has stolen his life.

Like a cruel slave driver, whatever his business demanded he had to obey.

Phone rang in the middle of the night about an emergency? His taskmaster whipped him out of his warm comfortable bed to take care of it.

Out on a family outing? More often than not his slave driving boss would force him to leave to visit a troubled client.

It’s a sad situation many business owners find themselves in.

They started a business to get more time and freedom and ended up with less of both.

Eventually they hit a wall and realize something has to change so they can get their control, time and freedom back.

So this restoration business owner and I talked for a while.

He revealed to me the area rug care industry is more to his liking.

People can come to him instead of the other way around.

He can inspect the work his employees do instead of doing it himself.

He can get his life back.

So he made the decision to buy a RugBadger Pro package like what we have on sale right now.

At the time he didn’t care he had to wait until we can fill our back orders first.

What mattered to him more was his decision to make the change.

To change his business and focus on area rugs cleaning and lock in that market before someone else came along and locked him out.

It was a good decision.

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Stephen Dusty Roberts

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