Have you let a “Mr. Smith” kick you in the expectations?

You happy with everything you’ve achieved in life? 

If so, then you can stop reading.

If not, well then you may have let your own version of a “Mr. Smith” kick you in the expectations.

Kind of like this…

During the first day of school a boy named Alex had a new 8th grade teacher called Mr. Smith.

Mr. Smith said, “Your assignment for tomorrow is this. I want you to write what’s called an autobiography for tomorrow. I’d like you to write your hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future.”

So Alex went home and he worked on his assignment all night.

When he was done, he read it to his mom and dad.

His mom and dad were so proud of him. They said, “That’s the best thing you’ve ever written!”

He proudly handed his work in the next day.

And when his paper came back, he got a “F” with a red circle around it. It also said in big bold letters, “See me after class.”

With fear, Alex went to see his teacher.

The teacher said, “Oh, you’re Alex.”

“Yeah.” Alex said.

“Well, you wrote that you wanted to be the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys and you wanted to marry a supermodel, and you want to become a multi-millionaire business man.”

Alex said, “Yes, that’s right. Those are my hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future.”

“Well,” Mr. Smith continued, “you know, that was a really good autobiography you wrote.”

Alex said, “Well, why did you give me an ‘F’?”

He said, “Well, it has to do with the writing. I think it’s my responsibility. Go home tonight and look in the mirror. You don’t have the body to be an NFL quarterback. You’re not handsome enough to attract a supermodel.

And you’re not smart enough to become a multi-millionaire businessman, but you write pretty well.

If you lower your hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future, I’ll give you a higher grade.”

So he gave Alex the paper back, and Alex went home and sat in front of a computer.

And Alex decided that he was not going to change a word.

The next day in class he handed in the same paper.

The teacher said, “Alex, you didn’t understand. You were supposed to lower your hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future.”

And Alex said, “Oh, no, I understood perfectly, but here’s what I decided. You can keep your ‘F’, because I want to keep my dreams.”

That kind of conviction in young people is rare. 

And even more so in adults.

Think about it.

How many times have you let a Mr. Smith convince you to lower expectations of yourself?

How many times have you been your own Mr. Smith and watered down your dreams to feel better about where you are?

Here’s the thing.

Without a lofty dreams and aspirations you end up aiming lower and settling for much less that your potential is capable of.

You end up with an ordinary life.

Doing ordinary things with other ordinary people.

What I call being beige. Is being beige really what you are about?

I don’t believe that for a second.

You have the ability to make a major impact in your life.

And since you own a business you have the perfect vehicle in which to make that impact. Your business has the ability to make a lot of money that can be used to do affect change in innumerable ways.

In ways that as an employee you could never afford to do.

For example … 

In my town, Gordy Dodd is furniture retailer who provides meals to the less fortunate every Thanksgiving.

In 2016 it was the 18th year he sponsored the event, paying for over 1500 meals that consisted of hundreds of turkeys and over 500lbs of vegetables.

As a result, Dodd has become highly regarded in our community.

His successful business has made a powerful impact on the people he helped feed and how our community feels about him.

Now the thing is this would not have happened had he listened to a Mr. Smith when he immigrated to Canada in 1977.

If he did then he would not own the largest furniture retail outlet on our Island (over 35,000 sq/ft).

He would not have been able to donate regularly to community groups, sports teams, school associations, and social relief organizations.

He would not have been able to give a gift of 50 mattresses and 100 blankets to the new hostel run by The Upper Room.

Rather than accepting Mr. Smith’s assessment of what is possible, Gordy Dodd rejected it and kept his dreams.

And so can you.

It’s time you aim higher.

It’s time you achieve more.

It’s time you create a massive, positive impact in the world.

Your first step starts here…


Stephen Dusty Roberts