Guess what was found in storage? (His loss is your gain!)…

This has NEVER happened before.

Where you have an opportunity to buy a 3 year old UNUSED (yes, I said unused) 13 foot RugRevolution for $20,500 LESS than what I sell it for.

Let me explain.

It all started when I got an email from a great customer of mine last week.

You see, a few years back he bought a RugRevolution from me.

He wasn’t able to use it right away and had to put it into storage.

While the unit was in storage, things in his business changed and he went a different direction.

Fast forward a few years and this customer of mine realized he isn’t going to be able to use this unit.

So now he WANTS to sell it.

And he’s willing to take a $20,500.00 hit on it.

Remember this unit has NEVER been used.

Other than being a few years old it is practically Brand New.


Whoever contacts me today I will pass their contact information to the owner of this 13 foot RugRevolution.

But remember.

This is a first come – first served situation.

Whoever makes a deal with the owner first gets the prize.


Don’t ever think you are too late to be the one to get in on this RugRevolution deal.

Deals fall through all the time.

People back out for all kinds of reasons (i.e. cold feet, partner/wife says no, unexpected expense, emergency, etc).

The point is this.

If you are interested in getting this practically new RugRevolution at a killer price GET ON THIS LIST.


You never know – you could be the one who gets the call from the owner no matter how many people he contacted before you.

The thing is you cannot get the deal if you are not on the list.

So get on it!

How To Get On This RugRevolution Interested Buyer List

Use your mobile phone to text me at (250) 580-7847 the following information¬† (Editor’s note: This unit has sold)

  1. The word “RugRevolution”
  2. Your Full Name
  3. Your phone Number

I will then forward your contact info to the seller and he will contact you directly.

Once the unit has sold – I will send you a message letting you know it’s over.

Until then – be sure to get on this RugRevolution Interested Buyer List ASAP.

Stephen “Dusty” Roberts