Guess What Sexy Beast Just Stole Money From Your Company?

“Obviously theft affects profit margins”

Rob Wacker

This is going to be a bit hard to hear.

So you may want to sit down (the truth can sometimes make your legs go all wobbly).

There’s something ripping off your business.

When you’re not looking it robs your customers so they never come back.

While you’re busy it steals profits before you even had a chance to put them in your till.

This sexy beast is so insidious that you never see it, never hear it, never even know it was there.

Yet the impact on your business is massive.

No, it’s not inflation.

Not the economy.

Not even your competition.

This sexy beast is you. More accurately, it’s the total neglect of your customers you worked so hard to get in the first place.

Say what?

Ok, I’ll repeat it.

It’s the total neglect of your customers you worked so hard to get in the first place.

Now you’re probably wondering, “What the heck do you mean Dusty?”

Simple, it’s like this.

You spend an enormous amount of time, money and energy every month looking for new customers. Then after you give them great service and a beautifully clean area rug you…

…leave it up to them to decide when to come back.

Big, big mistake.

Before I tell you why, let me ask you this.

You know how successful has become, right?

Have you ever bought anything from them in the past? If yes, then you probably started seeing emails show up in your inbox almost everyday.

Why do you think they do that?

Because the research this huge monster of a company paid for has revealed a few things like…

1) There is a good chance you will respond to offers related to what you just bought

2) They stay in your awareness so you’re more likely to buy from them again

3) It’s easier & less expensive for them to market to an existing customer than to find a new one

About point #3.

Pay attention. This. Is. Important.

  • It costs 4 to 7 times more to find a new customer than to sell to an existing one.
  • A 5 percent increase in customer retention leads to an increase in future profits of between 25 and 95 percent
  • A 10% increase in customer retention levels result in a 30% increase in the value of your company.

Those are numbers you should NEVER forget.


Because the success of your business depends on it. Amazon knows those numbers and look where they are today.

If you spent just HALF your marketing time contacting your existing customers rather than looking for new ones all the time you would be busy everyday.

But instead this is what you do:

You let your customers decide on their own when to come back.

And as a result of your decision you’re…

  • losing, on average, over 20% of your customers every year (they forget about you and go somewhere else).
  • losing all the profits from those disappearing customers (customers can’t pay you if they don’t come back).
  • inviting your customers to go to your competitors (because you never bothered to build a relationship with them)

Now you’re FORCED to spend a LOT more money to replace them (because advertising never gets any cheaper).


It doesn’t have to be that way.

There’s a simple, effective and highly profitable way to retain those customers and get them buying again.

You see, what I do once or twice a year is look at my list of customers to see who has not been back in over a year.

Then I send them a very special letter.

A letter that reactivates these lost and/or dormant customers of mine and has them rushing back in to buy again from me. Every time I use this letter it generates about $20,000 in sales in less than 14 days.

Yes $20k from only my own customer list.


You should be! Because right I am making this exact same letter available to you to use in your business no matter what size your customer list is.


You get more than just the reactivation letter.

You can also get the ENHANCED version along with the Never-before-seen ADVANCED version of my reactivation letter.

Plus you also get all the fill-in-the-blank templates AND step-by-step video training.

Now because I really want to make sure you get massive results I’m also throwing in 2 additional Bonus Videos:

  1. How to INCREASE YOUR PROFITS When Clients Pick Up Their Rugs” (When you reactivate a dormant or lost customer, this video will show you what to do to guarantee they will remember you and want to come back)
  2. How To Get Instant Google Reviews” (Discover the simple and easy way on how you can get reactivated customers to give your company a 5 STAR Google review while they are still in your shop)

Since this is the first time I’ve offered my Reactivation letter with a full training course showing you how to easily customize it for your company I decided to add a FAST Action Bonus.

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If you’re tired of always spending money to find new customers to replace the ones who never seem to return…

…then this letter will show you how to get those customers to come back and buy from you again – NO MATTER what industry you are in.

Stephen “Dusty” Roberts