“Guatamala” Your Way To More Business

Crazy but true.

In Guatemala they import a very inexpensive motorcycle brand from India.

What’s interesting about this brand is how it talks about itself there.

Where most motorcycles are positioned as fun or sporty, this brand went a completely different way.

They suggested their bike be used for work.

In fact the ads they ran all went something like this: “This is the motorbike that helps you do your job better.”

How effective was it? 

Well, that’s the interesting part.

People actually started to use the motorbike to get to work – or as work itself.

Banks even gave preferential treatment to people who wanted a loan for this motorbike because they saw it as a work tool.

As a result, sales exploded.

It was the shift from “fun and sport” to one of “work” that made all the difference.

In fact this little “difference” made the Indian Motorcycle Brand able to kick all the Japanese ones off of top spot and then grab 60% of the market share for itself.

The lesson here is important – especially for rug cleaners. 

“The key is to standing out in your sector is to not look or act like your sector.”

If you were selling beer you have to stop thinking like a beer advertiser.

If you were selling tires you have stop thinking like a tire advertiser.

You have to think like a marketer instead.

For example…have you noticed how carpet cleaning companies all have the same kinds of ads? Usually a picture of a baby, a puppy or both on a pristine white rug?

That’s thinking like an advertiser. 

The problem is, in a sea of advertising that all looks the same, it’s easy to get lost. It’s kind of like trying to find your beige Toyota Corrola in a parking lot filled with beige Toyota Corrolas.

Now you know why the most distinctive brands always sell the most products or services.

They are easy to spot and remember much like a red Ferrari would be in a parking lot of beige Toyotas.

Now there are lot’s of ways to be distinctive. 

The Motorcycle brand from India did it by telling customers how to use the product.

Dominos Pizza did it by delivering hot fresh pizzas in 30 min or less or it was free.

Geico uses humor and a talking gecko instead of fear like all the other insurance companies do.

The question now is… what are you going to do to be distinctive in your sector so you can make more sales, more customers and more money?

If you are having trouble thinking of a way then be sure to go here…


Stephen “Dusty” Roberts

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