Grind your competitor’s greatest strengths into a weakness

“You can’t look at the competition and say you’re going to do it better. You have to look at the competition and say you’re going to do it differently”

Steve Jobs

Every business has competition.

Yours, mine, everyone.

And with competition there will always be someone who is number one.

Who is has the largest market share.

Who makes the most money.

Who everyone seems to recognise.

So how do you even begin to compete against someone like that especially when you’re new?

BMW had the same problem when they first came to North America.

At the time they were ranked #11 in the European car category. Of all the imports, BMW had the weakest image (people even thought BMW stood for British Motor Works).

And who was the leading brand they were up against?

Mercedes Benz.

Rather than try to squeeze themselves into the category where Mercedes ruled, BMW decided to reposition them instead.


By using a strategy that emphasised performance over luxury. To do that they came up with a marketing message that said…

BMW. The ultimate driving machine versus Mercedes, the ultimate sitting machine.

Just like that, they repositioned Mercedes as a living room on wheels and BMW as a sleek, high performance driving machine. They took Mercedes’ greatest strength and turned into a weakness.

As a result, Mercedes luxury never got questioned but their performance and handling did.

How effective was this repositioning of their competition?

Well the slogan, “The Ultimate Driving Machine” has been used for over 40 years, and BMW has outsold Mercedes for the last 10 years straight.


If you, as an area rug cleaner, find yourself in a position where you’re the underdog.

Where you’re up against one of the “Big Boys”.

Where you’re virtually unknown.

There are strategies you can use to completely reposition them and turn their greatest asset into a weakness.

Strategies that you can use to beat the “Big Boy” competition at their own game.

Strategies I’ve coached others to use and watched as they completely took over their market area.

Strategies you will only find here:

Stephen “Dusty” Roberts

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