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From The Desk Of Stephen "Dusty" Roberts

The biggest question I get from area rug cleaners both new and old is, "Dusty, how do I get more customers?"
It's no secret that many potential new customers first go online to look for companies.
And the minute they type in key words plus the city and state, Google automatically puts up a map and the top 3 companies.
Take a look at what happens when people type into google:  Oriental rug cleaning victoria bc.
When they see this listing (below) who do you think they are inclined to call or go to first?

Right. The one with all the stars!

Because Google's 5 star review is a powerful "social proof" system customers can use to help narrow down who to TRUST.

After all, the more positive reviews your company has - the easier it is for a potential new customer to TRUST and choose you.

That's why being in the "Snack Pack" under the map is one of the most sought after spots on the internet.

Top spot make you "King of the Hill" and the one who will get the most calls.

But one of the things Google looks at to decide if you get into the "snack pack" is how many reviews you get.
You're probably wondering "How the heck do you get people to leave a Google Review?"

I know that was the question I had - until my business partner and I cracked the code on how to get customers to leave Google reviews almost instantly.

We developed a very SIMPLE system that makes it incredibly easy for your company to start getting Google reviews everyday.
In fact, the system we've created works so well, when I tested it on a local furniture store they went from 3 reviews to 30 in just a little over a week.

But check this out.

Google reviews are one of the factors Google looks at when it comes to ranking you in their search results.

The more reviews you better chance you have at ranking higher.

It's what helped that furniture store we tested our system on go from the bottom of page two to the middle of page 1 on the Google search results.

And it's practically cemented our place on page one of Google for the search term:

Oriental rug cleaning victoria bc

If you type it into Google this is what you should see...

Click on image for larger view
Click on image for larger view
Click on image for larger view

Getting that many spots on Google is crazy right?

But guess what?

Dominating the first page of Google ONLY means people are going to research my company first.

They are going to check out what other people are saying about my company and if I have nothing but lousy reviews I wouldn't get any business.

How do I know?

Because when I ask new customers why they chose my company to clean their rugs, overwhelmingly they all say the same thing, "It's all those reviews!"

So when it comes to ATTRACTING new customers to your business all you need are two things...
  1. a listing in Google
  2. lots of great Google reviews

That's what our Google Review System will help you do.

In this one-of-a-kind system you will discover...

  • Why Google reviews are the ONLY ones that matter for your area rug cleaning business. The reason is simple and clear and once you see for yourself why – you will never waste your time on anything else  

  • Which review companies are worth looking at and which ones to avoid like the plague. There are quite a few famous AND infamous review sites out there that can waste your time, money and energy if you get sucked into drinking their “kool-aid”. Just put any review site you are considering to this quick test and you’ll know INSTANTLY if it’s worth using or not

  • The absolute best time to ask for a review. You can ask a customer for a review almost anytime BUT did you know there is an actual “SWEET SPOT” of when to ask and when you ask it at that exact moment, any resistance your customer had will melt away like butter on hot summer asphalt?

  • How to get a customer to leave a Google review while they are still in your shop! The longer you let a customer wait to give you a review, the greater the chance you risk in them forgetting to give you one. Use this special technique in combination with the “Sweet Spot” and watch your customers give you an online 5 star review while they are still in your shop!

  • The "Secret Phrase" to say to a customer that virtually guarantees they will leave a powerful review that does all the selling for you

  • Plus much much more!

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How To Get Instant Google Reviews

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Imagine how your company will look to a potential new customer when they see you have 20, 30, 50 or more reviews and your competitors only have 3 or 4.

Do you think you would have an advantage over them?

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One payment - Lifetime Access
How To Get Instant Google Reviews
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I was going to sell this training as a stand alone product for $99 but because it works so perfectly with "Instant Google Reviews" I had to put them together.

In this bonus training I will go over a case study of one of my coaching clients whose phone was not ringing very much at all.

You will hear exactly how he was able to take all that idle time and make it profitable without having to pay for any advertising or look for any new customers. In fact within a few days he was able to  

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How To Get Instant Google Reviews