Farmers don’t grow food & Doctors don’t heal anyone

“For small businesses to thrive, they need an environment that is conducive to growth”

Nydia Velazquez

My business partner has a brother by the name of Trent.

What Trent does is coach people to overcome mental obstacles that prevent them reaching higher levels of success.

He clientele spans multiple countries and include people like real estate agents, public speakers and small business owners.

All of which have experienced amazing beneficial changes when working with him.

Now one of the things Trent likes to talk about is a concept that people find counterintuitive at first.

A concept that says gardeners don’t grow food and doctors don’t heal bodies.

Sounds a bit wacky right?

Well it’s not – here’s why.

You see if you ask any doctor what does the actual healing, them or the body, they will always say it’s the body that does the actual healing.

What they do is create the conditions to make the healing possible.

They clean the wounds, set the bones, remove the abnormal growths but the body does all the work of healing.

The same is true of the farmer.

The farmer is not the one that makes a seed grow into corn, potatoes, carrots or any other fruit or vegetable.

What they do is create the environment to make it possible for the seed to grow.

They till, water and fertilize the soil and remove all the things like weeds and bugs that would hinder the growth.

The growth takes care of itself.

If the farmer was not there to manage the environment, the amount he would be able to harvest would be extremely reduced.

It is the exact same situation in business.

When you create the right environment for your business you will

  • attract a lot of new customers
  • get your customers to spend more
  • get your customers to come back more often
  • get your customer to end you referrals

In other words your business will grow.

But if you don’t manage the environment then your business, like the farmer who does not take care of his crop, will not produce much.

Having a poor environment means your business will suffer.

Caring for your environment means your business will be bountiful and produce so much money you will be able to realize your dreams, help the charities you believe in and help make the world a better place.

So let me ask you…

If your business is not as bountiful as you know it can be, then you know there is something wrong with the environment you have set up.

You can’t grow sugar cane in New England because the environment is all wrong for that kind of crop.

And you can’t grow a profitable business if you don’t have the right conditions in the first place.

Don’t fool yourself.

Setting up the right conditions to have your business grow goes much deeper than just advertising and saying you have great customer service. That would be like having a farmer scatter some seeds and water them but forgetting to till and fertilize the soil first, weed it and keep away the pests.

If you want to learn how to create the perfect environment for your rug cleaning business to go, you have a couple of choices.

1) Figure it out on your own

2) Follow in the footsteps of a farmer who grows bountiful bumper crops every year.

If you choose #2 then here is what you can do..

  • Get the RugLover marketing home study program
    (For new and established rug cleaners who want to build a solid foundation – and create the ideal environment for growth)

  • Join the RugLovers College
    (for established rug cleaners who want to grow their business exponentially rather than incrementally)

  • Ask for personal 1-on-1 mentoring.
    (I only have room for only 1 or 2 mentoring clients who need to qualify first and can afford the training)

If you are interested in being shown step-by-step exactly what to do so your business can take a quantum leap in 2017 then text me at (250) 580-7847 with your full name and the words “I want MENTORING”.

The ball is now in your court.

If 2016 was not a highly profitable or exciting year, what makes you think 2017 year will be any different if you don’t make a dramatic change first?

It takes a lot of courage to commitment to change – especially if you are afraid of losing what little you have now.

But remember you can either play to win or you can play not to lose (playing not to lose means you don’t grow either and are likely to lose anyhow).

So…what are you going to do to guarantee next year will be the best ever for you?

Stephen “Dusty” Roberts