Eyeballs before phone calls? Then something strange happened…

I have a rule in my rug cleaning shop.

It's called eyeballs before phone calls.

What that means is that I will always serve the people who are in my shop before answering the telephone.

And let me tell you...

...that phone rings a lot.

My team and I just can't answer the phone fast enough.

I would say that about 70% of the time phone calls go straight to voice mail.

Now you would think by not answering the phone I'm losing a lot of business, right?
I thought so too.
Except something strange happened.
When I eventually called the people back (even the ones who don't leave a message - call display!) I usually heard one of two things

1. They told me they had already dropped them off at my shop already or...

2. They thanked me for calling back because they only wanted to do business with me.

Number 2 really shocked me (at first).

I asked why it was they felt so strongly to only have my company clean their rugs.

Their answer?

The reviews.

They read what other people had to say and just could not bring themselves to go anywhere else.

That's the power of getting google reviews.

So now lets talk about your company.

How many google reviews have you got?

If you're like most companies I would say not very many - maybe even zero.

The reason is because it's hard to get people to leave a review. Most customers are too busy and leaving a review is just not a priority.

Which makes this a" Catch-22" situation.

You need customers to leave reviews to help bring in more business...
...but customers won't leave a review because they are too busy.

That situation drove me crazy too.


My business partner and I sat down and made a commitment to figure this out.

It took quite some time (and a lot of trial and error) but we finally discovered 
  • Why most review sites are a waste of time (and how to know which ones to concentrate on)
  • What you have to do BEFORE you even ask a customer to write a review
  • The absolute best time to ask a customer for a review
  • How to get a customer to leave a review right when they are in your shop!
  • How to get customers to write valuable detailed reviews that attract new customers like bees to honey
The great thing is the whole plan is super simple.
And takes almost no effort to implement.

Heck, if you can talk and ask a couple of questions, you can get more Google reviews than you know what to do with.

It really is that easy.

You already know word of mouth advertising is still one of the most powerful ways to get new business.

And Google reviews is just the internet version of the same thing - except one YOU CAN CONTROL.

Why not start today? Here's how...