Dan Kennedy Told Me Recently Why This “Customer Trap” Works So Well

Hey – you know it’s almost like having a bear trap.

But instead of catching Grizzlies with it, I catch customers instead.

And the only thing I use to catch them with is a phone.

You see, the moment the phone rings and I pick it up is when I “set the trap”.

Then before the customer says a single word, if I hear a specific tell tale sound from the person on the other end, I know exactly when the trap has sprung and caught the customer.

Now the funny thing is the customer doesn’t even know they are caught.

Yet what happens over and over and over again is no matter who else this customer calls for a price, they come back and use my company to clean their rugs.

Even though I’m more expensive than all of my competitors.

Now after talking to my business partner about it he explained the mechanics of what was going on. Then he backed it up by showing me something Dan Kennedy wrote which solidified in my mind why my “customer phone trap” thing works so darn well.

The point?

This “customer phone trap” I use is a powerful asset.

An advantage I use to maximum benefit to outperform my competitors (see below).

Now the thing is if you have the opportunity to create a business advantage and don’t pursue it, you’re basically strangling your business.

Not to mention your own well being.

But if you do want to give yourself a good old fashioned advantage in the rug cleaning industry than one of the best things I can suggest you do is to get your gluteus assimus over to our RugBadger line of equipment. 

Owning Rugbadger equipment gives you the advantage of letting you clean your rugs faster.

Clean them more thoroughly.

Clean them better than your competition.

Plus it helps to increase the amount of confidence you have in your ability to clean rugs.

And as renowned sales trainer Brian Tracy likes to say – Nothing sells better than your confidence and attitude.


Stephen Dusty Roberts

P.S.What exactly is that “customer trap” I use? You’ll have to join the Ruglovers College to find out.