Can you pass my “Lame Puppy” test?

People ask me all the time.

Dusty do you really create sales of $10 -$20 sq ft?

When I assure them I do, they always ask, “How exactly do you do THAT?”

Well, it’s a lot like what happened to an 8 year old boy I once heard about.

You see, ever since the age of 4 all this boy ever wanted was a puppy for his birthday.

Yet every year, his Mom and Dad would say the same thing, “You’re too young. You wouldn’t be able take care of it. When you’re 8, you can get a puppy.”

So on his 8th birthday, Mom, Dad and the birthday boy go to a kennel.

The parents say, “You can get any puppy you want, big, small, black, white, furry, hairless, anything you want.”

So the boy goes from pen to pen, and he sees 4 or 5 beautiful grey furry balls in each of them.

Then in the last pen he sees an identical grey fur ball all by himself.

He says to his parents, “How come this one’s all by himself?”

They say, “We don’t know, lets ask the manager” and they go look for him.

When they find the manager the boy says, “Excuse me, Sir. How come this little puppy’s all by himself and not with his brothers and sisters?”

The manager goes, “Oh, that’s the saddest story in the whole store. That puppy was born with a bad hip and bad leg. We’re going to have to put him to sleep.”

The boy says, “Put him to sleep? Why?”

The manager replies, “Well, I know it sounds harsh, but the truth is nobody will buy him. He’ll never be able to run and play with a little boy like you.”

The boy says, “Well, would I hurt him if I picked him up?”

The manager says, “No. Go ahead.”

So the boy picks up the puppy and scratches the head.

Instantly he falls in love with the puppy, and says, “Mom, Dad, I want this puppy.”

The manager’s right there, and says to the parents, “If you do take this puppy, I’ll have to charge you the same amount. It will cost you thousands of dollars in medical charges for operations, and there’s no guarantee his leg will be fixed.”

The parents say, “Well, we’re kind of in a bind. We promised our boy he could get whatever one he wants, and he wants this one.”

So they go to the cash register and pay for the puppy. Then just as the family are about to go out the door, the store manager stops them.

“Excuse me, Son. I hate to bother you, but I just have to know. You could have had one of the healthy puppies. Why did you want this one?”

The boy gives his Mom the puppy and he bends over. He picks up the pants on his right leg and he shows the store manager the brace on his leg.

He says, “Mister, I want this puppy, because I know exactly what he’s going through.”

Did you catch it?

The answer to the question people always ask me has to do with “empathy”.

It’s the ability to feel what another person’s feeling, from their point of view.

Most people in our industry listen to a customer’s story from their own point of view.

That’s called sympathy.

But when you listen to a story from the other person’s point of view, that’s empathy.

And empathy is what I use all the time to build real relationships and larger sales.

It also happens to be exactly the kind of thing I show you how to use in your own business.

Stephen Dusty Roberts

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