Business Defense Is For Wussies – Don’t Be One

“I never dreamed about being a millionaire…
I dreamed about being a football player. “

Victor Cruz

Look, there is a certain mindset you need for success.

You need your mindset to focus on being number one in your market area.

Without it you will never make it anywhere near the top.

Without it you’ll always find yourself struggling.

Trapped inside your business working as it’s slave and never it’s master.

Not able to take all the free time off you want.

Not making the money you want to fuel the lifestyle of your dreams.

So here’s the thing.

The mindset needed to move you to the top starts with just a simple belief.

A belief you CAN be number one.

The fact it’s not true right now DOES NOT matter.

The past does not equal the future.

Which means you can make it become a reality.

Because I had the guts to create a vision of being number one…

…I went from middle of the heap (after my business burnt down) to number one in my city in less than 24 months.

There’s no reason you can’t be number one in your city or town too.

If you don’t even see it as a possibility for you in the future, there’s a reason.

It’s not because of the economy.

It’s not because of where you are located.

It’s not because you think your “market” is cheap.

It’s because of you.

It’s because you’ve limited what you think is possible.

That’s thinking like a wussy.

Most people I talk to don’t think big enough.

They think small and defensively.

They’re just trying to keep what they have.

But playing defensively means you’re not looking for ways to win.

That’s playing like a wussy.

You see it all the time in sports.

One team has a comfortable lead over their opponent.

The coach decides to hold that lead by playing defensively and not go for anymore points.

The opposing coach decides they have nothing to lose so he gets his team to go all out.

They try new things.

They take bold actions and end up annihilating the other team and winning the game.

Playing defensively may seem like a good strategy.

But really, it’s a strategy for wussies.

The best you can ever hope for is just to keep what you have.

Which means you will not move forward in life.

You’ll stagnate.

You’ll never have the kind of lifestyle you dreamed about.

You’ll never be a master of your business.

You’ll never really be free.

So the question is this.

Just how BIG are you willing to think?

Without a BIG vision, you have no real destination to head to.

Nothing to inspire you to get up in the morning.

Remember, your business is only a vehicle.

A vehicle to help you achieve whatever goal or vision you have in your life.

If your business is not getting you there then YOU are the problem.

And if you blame & complain but don’t do anything about it, well then – I hate to say it – you’re being a wussy.

Which means if you’re a guy, you may as well shave off that beard, hand in your man card and put your balls in your wife’s purse to hold.

But if you DO have the balls to start thinking bigger then this is THE place to go:

Stephen Dusty Roberts

P.S. By the way, all profitable rug washers I’ve ever met still have big visions for themselves and rug spinners

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