Bleaching Your Way To Success

“The golden rule for every business man is this: Put yourself in your customer’s place”

Orison Swett Marden

Some customers are pretty funny.

That’s funny strange – not funny ha ha.

Take for example a customer who called me up this week to ask about getting his rug looked at.

He told what kind of rug it was, the size and what was wrong with it.

I told him I happened to be nearby and would come over an have a look. Once I got there I saw exactly what was wrong with it.

So I asked him where he got it cleaned last time.

He said it was my company.

I didn’t think much about it until after I tried looking him up in our system.

I searched for him by his phone number, then his name, then his address. Each time I came up with zip. He was not in our system at all which meant we never cleaned for him before.

But he insisted we did. Funny (strange) how that happens, huh?

Anyhow, once the rug was in my shop I flipped it over to expose the back.

And do you know what I found pinned back there?

A tag from my competitor.

The same competitor who throws most of the rugs he “cleans” into a huge tub filled with water, other contaminated rugs and bleach. The same kind of tub that this rug in front me was unlucky enough to soak in.

How do I know?

Well there were a few tell tale signs of bleach damage on the rug but none were quite as noticable as the lack of fringes.

When I took hold of some of the fringes that were left, I gave them a gentle tug and they came right off like the skin of a freshly cooked fish.

The entire foundation of this rug had been totally compromised by that bleach bath.

And for a rug that should have lasted for generations, it’ll be lucky if it makes it past a decade.

That’s what I hate about bleach.

To me the only time a rug cleaner should ever use bleach in their cleaning studio is when they clean a toilet. Other than that, there is absolutely no place for bleach in the rug cleaning process no matter what the so called “experts” say.

When it comes right down to it my competitor is just lazy.

He thinks he can bleach his way to success when all he’s doing is killing the rugs. He thinks that just because the rugs he cleans has fringes that “look bright and white” he’s done a good job.

Well, what he doesn’t realize is I educate all my clients about the hazards of bleach.

I tell them about …

  • How exactly bleach destroys their precious rugs
  • How my company never uses bleach to clean rugs
  • How to tell if a company does use bleach to clean rugs
  • How our company only uses cleaning solutions rated as safe for the rugs we work on
  • How our company mostly uses fresh clean water to clean rugs
  • How our RugRevolution (rug spinner) not only extracts the water out of their rug but also lets us leave it inside the cylinder to rinse their rug over and over again until the water spinning out runs clear.

Once a customer realizes that a rug filled with priceless memories they inherited could get destroyed from something as simple as bleach – guess what they do?

They tell all their friends.

Which means the only thing my competitor is actually doing is bleaching his way to MY success.

Stephen “Dusty” Roberts