(Belch) Her Filthy Hands Were All Over My Food

“Although your customers won’t love you if you give bad customer service, your competitors will”

Kate Zabriskie

Recently I went to see a customer at her home.

She is a wonderful old eastern European lady with a big beautiful smile living in a little apartment of a seniors complex.

On her floor was a very high quality (but truly butt ugly) 8 x 10 Chinese rug.

She had phoned and asked me to come by and take a look at it and then take it away with me if she could afford the price. After looking over rug I told her what needed to be done and how much it would cost.

The price was a bit much for her.

Now I don’t ever like to discount my price. What I prefer to do is add things instead to increase the value.

But it was close to Christmas and I felt in a giving mood. So what I did was negotiate with her and got her to give me some of the fresh baked cream puffs she had just pulled out of the oven.


That’s when things kind of went south for me.

You see, I have thing about people touching my food. I’m not exactly a “Howie Mandell” about germs but it really grosses me out when people handle my food with their unclean hands.

Which is exactly what happened with these cream puffs.

This wonderful woman immediately grabbed the cream puffs with her unwashed hands and started injecting them with different fillings.

Then she insisted I eat one.

It didn’t stop there.

Oh no.

Next she insisted I have a bowl of her borscht. Out of respect I ate both the cream puff and borscht. They were surprisingly delicious but the thought of germs all over it spoiled it for me.

After I left the woman’s home, I brought her rug to my shop along with the cream puffs which I never touched again.

I don’t know if it was psychosomatic or what, but all night long and the next day my stomach felt queasy.

It’s funny how everything can be absolutely perfect yet totally spoiled by just one small thing.

I notice it all the time when I’m on the phone talking to local companies when I need stuff for my shop.

The whole conversation I have with the sales guy goes extremely well until they say or do one little thing that puts me off.

Like the time they forgot they put me on hold. Or got my name wrong after I just told it to them. Or how the tone of their voice changes to sound condescending.

I hate that.

It makes me NOT want to do business with them. So much so I would rather pay a higher price some where else where I feel like I matter.

The phone is powerful tool.

And if you’re not paying attention to what you say and how you say it to the potential customer on the other end – you can easily piss them off.

I see it happen in our industry all the time.

Especially when an owner of a rug cleaning company gets a call from a “price shopper”.

Their “experience” has told them these people are a waste of time. So they have a pissy tone of voice, rapid fire answers and an attitude that says to the customer “you’re not important, go away, you’re wasting my time”.

And you know what?

That kind of attitude is common among all of my competitors too.

But it’s that kind of attitude that has FILLED my shop with hundreds of rugs every month.

You read that right.

My competitors with their “off putting” tones of voice and “price shopper” mentality fills my shop with rugs everyday.


Because I figured out how to talk to the price shopper.

My “experience” has shown that having a certain kind of attitude on the phone makes me stand out from every other competitor in my town.

Where they push them away – I welcome them.

Where they can’t wait to get off the phone – I get them to talk.

Where they hear a “price shopper” on the other end of the phone – I hear the cha-ching! of my cash register.

Now don’t get me wrong.

I get asked the same “price shopping” question everyone else does. It’s just that I have “cracked the code” so to speak on how to talk to people who price shop.

I figured out a long time ago if I can convert all those people who my competitors push away, then my competitors are doing all the marketing for me.

They pay for all the newspaper ads.

They pay for all the value pack coupons.

They pay for all the Google, Facebook, TV, radio and direct mail ads.

Then when someone who read or heard their message calls them up they get treated like a price shopper.

That’s when they end up calling me and because of the “RedPrint” find themselves at my door happy to pay 2-5 times more than anywhere else to have their rugs cleaned.

All because my competitors have no clue every time they piss off a “price shopper” they’re actually sending them directly to my shop.

Want to know more about how red print converts price shoppers into high value customers?

Then check out this superfast 2min 54sec video here…


Stephen “Dusty” Roberts