Beating The Competition At Their Own Game

Thanks for sharing yesterday stories about your own “Walmart of rug cleaning” competitors (funny stuff!)

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Speaking of your competition.

Did you know it doesn’t matter one single bit how big they are?

Or how long they have been in business?

You can beat them.

Beat them at their own game.

The reason?

They’ve grown fat.



They know they are the top dog and have stopped innovating.

Stopped finding ways to create a better customer experience.

Stopped moving forward with the changing times.

It’s their attitude that’s going to be their undoing. Making them ripe for losing their top position.

History is full of examples of those who were at the peak being toppled by someone new. By an upstart. By an underdog.

Examples like…

  • The Roman Empire who fell to the Barbarians.
  • The entire Swiss watch industry fell because they refused to embrace a technology Japanese companies like Seiko ran away with – the Quartz movement (which ironically was invented BY the Swiss).
  • Blockbuster video who fell to Netflix.
  • Kodak who fell to companies that embraced digital camera revolution.
  • Sony the technology innovator of the 80’s (walkman, TVs, etc) who fell to faster-moving competitors like LG, Samsung, Vizio and Apple.
  • Sears who fell to Walmart, Target and Amazon.
  • Yahoo who fell to Google.

In every example above one thing is clear.

The mighty have fallen.

Companies that were once at the top of their industry were relegated to being a minor player.

They all succumbed to a simple law of nature. The law that says if you are not growing you’re stagnating.

And anything that is stagnate, dies.

So it is with companies in the rug cleaning industry.

I have traveled all over North America. Visited every top rug cleaning operation I could find.

And one thing became glaringly apparent.

They all show signs of stagnation. Of not moving forward. Of being stuck in the past.

They were not adapting to the changing demands and expectations of their customers or the new digital landscape.

Being top dog has blinded them.

They don’t see the need to change.

Which is what makes them ripe for toppling.

Once they become challenged by an innovative, adaptable, forward thinking, digitally savvy company, it will be the beginning of the end for them.

By the time they’ve figured out what’s happened it’ll be too late.

All they know are the old ways. The ways of doing business that no longer serve the needs, desires and digital expectations of their customers.

Someone else has started serving those customers with what they are looking for. Someone else has started to become the market leader.

That someone else should be you.

It all starts with the proper attitude. Plus an understanding of what people want and giving it to them.

To learn what it takes for an area rug cleaning company to be #1 in the new digital millenium there is only one resource:

Stephen “Dusty” Roberts

P.S. Most big competitors only ever do an “ok” job at cleaning rugs. They skip steps like Badgering area rugs to remove the heavy gritty dirt out of the rugs first and prefer to believe the myth that washing rugs is enough. It’s a myth I totally bust in my “6 second challenge” video which you can see here: