Are you in a Red State?

The US has lost over 7,231,000 manufacturing jobs since 1979.

That’s according to Bureau of Labor Statistics.

5 million of those jobs alone have disappeared since the year 2000.

Depending who you listen to, the reason for this decline ranges everywhere from NAFTA to outsourcing to China to multinational corps buying off US politicians to the corrupt “to big to fail” banks.

No matter what the reason is for the problem, one fact remains.

I deliberately chose to be part of the solution.


By choosing to manufacture RugBadgers only in the USA.

Not China. Not India. Not even Canada (where I live).

I only chose the US.


Because the biggest market for RugBadgers is the USA.

So it made perfect sense for me to manufacture them there.

And as a result I spawned a whole new way for carpet cleaners to easily move into the more lucrative field of area rug care.

While at the same time helping to preserve manufacturing in America.

To me, I don’t see your great nation as divided into red and blue.

I only see it as red – RugBadger red that is.

And in the past couple of weeks my Presidential Sale has made quite a few states a little more red than before.

With these absolutely great savings on RugBadgers it’s no wonder why.

But this will come to an end.

The last day of this sale will be Nov 8 – 2016.


It could end sooner if I my overstock gets depleted before then.


If you ever thought about getting a RugBadger to dust rugs.

Or a rug finisher to make rugs feel soft and fluffy again (and make their colors just pop!).

Or an EZ-Tower to hang a 2160 sq ft of rugs in a space that easily fits into half of a two car garage…

…then now is the time to put your order in before it’s too late.

Stephen Dusty Roberts

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