Are Area Rugs Killing Your Reputation?

I had an intense phone call the other day.

It was from an owner of a carpet cleaning company who was at his wits end.

He told me when he first got into this cleaning industry everything was simple.

He knew who his customers were.

He knew where to find them.

He knew how to market to them.

He knew how to make them into happy repeat clients

But today, things have gotten a whole lot more complicated for him.

The customers he used to serve have changed.

They’ve got a lot a lot more hard flooring, much less carpet and area rugs everywhere.

He said to me, “My customers are asking me to clean their area rugs all the time now but I can’t do them well enough and it takes far too long.”

As a result, his reputation is beginning to take a nose dive.

His phone isn’t ringing as much as it used to.

Now the good thing is he’s recognized the problem AND the opportunity.

Instead of burying his head in sand and ignoring the changing marketplace, he’s decided to tackle the problem head on.

He told me he understands the enormous potential area rugs holds for his company, his family and his future.

And that he wants to be successful at it.

So that’s why he called me.

He wanted to know what would be the best course of action for him to take.

I told him there are three steps he needs to do.

Get educated on how to clean area rugs.

Get specialized equipment (like from to speed up the cleaning process.

The third step is learning how to market your rug cleaning business so you become the #1 choice in your city (by far the most important step).

Step #3 is what will separate you from everyone else and let you dominate – no matter who your competition is.

And if you want to get there fast there is only one place to go…

The RugLovers College