Alice Cooper Is A Better Candidate This Election…Here’s Why…

When it comes to politics, one thing is clear.

Alice Cooper’s campaign slogan of “I can do nothing as well as they can do nothing,” really rocks.

Think about it.

Politicians are famous for making all kinds of promises and not being able to follow through with them after elected.

Cooper said he could do that just as well (if not better) than the current candidates can.

Yes it was all said tongue-in-cheek.

But he said it because the whole political election process is like a huge 3 ring circus (the two candidates and the lamestream media).

Not just today.

His feelings about politics goes way back to the Nixon era.

Its what insprired Cooper to write in 1972 the song called “Elected” which he re-released again this year.

Alice Cooper told Rolling Stone Magazine recently that “Elected” was John Lennon’s favorite song.

Cooper said, “He used to come over to the office in New York City where we were listening back to the mixes and he came three days in a row. I finally passed him in the hall and he goes, “Great record.” He loved politics. I said, “It’s a total satire, you know?” And he goes, “Yeah, but I get it.” It was cool.”

In the songs outro, the lyrics that everyone goes crazy today after they hear it is…

“Everybody has problems and personally I don’t care.”

Cooper says, “That may be the most honest campaign pledge ever.”

But people not caring is not just limited to politics.

It happens a lot in our business too.

Where your competition does the bare minimum to clean a customers rug.

Or they take short cuts just to make a buck.

All at the customers expense.

And you know what?

I LOVE that they do that.


Because nothing brings me more loyal high paying clients than a competitor who disappoints their customers.

Then once they discover how I care about them and their rugs they never go anywhere else again.

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Stephen Dusty Roberts